Exclusive: C. Sharps 4-Shot .22 Short Derringer

Roy Huntington

The C. Sharps Derringer is a quirky little 4-shot derringer that fires .22 Short.

The patent was granted for a revolver, but the four barrels are fixed and the firing pin plate rotates to fire them.

We all like quirky old guns. I know that. You know that. So, I was digging around recently in the gun safe to see what interesting things I could find and turned up this little humdinger.

It is an original C. Sharps 4-Shot .22 Short derringer, made in Philadelphia, between 1859 and 1868. The original patent was granted for a “revolver” but in actuality, the barrels are fixed but the firing pin “plate” revolves to line-up with each chamber when the hammer is cocked.

To load, a button is pushed and the four barrels slide forward. The trigger is a “spur” type. Originally chambered for a black powder .22 Short cartridge, they should not be fired with modern .22 ammo.

This particular one is in about NRA “Good” condition for an antique gun. Value for a minty one is in the $1,200 range, with this one likely worth about $500 to $600 to a collector. They are rare, but can be found for sale.

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