Exclusive: Concealed Carry During Winter

While winter weather brings a host of challenges, concealed carry is not one of them. Dressing with more layers as opposed to less affords far more flexibility in terms of which gun to carry and where on the body to carry it. And with the ever-expanding interest in civilian concealed carry, clothing manufacturers and retailers have responded with apparel — especially outerwear — to meet the demands.

One versatile jacket I’ve worn during Michigan’s winter weather is this Rothco Three Season Concealed Carry Jacket (retail $99.99). It’s a functional multi-season jacket, to be sure — 100% cotton shell and polyester lining — but it features some extra pockets inside to accommodate a pistol and extra magazines.

Granted, this is not a jacket for handling severe precipitation or cold but it does the job for general outdoor use, from chores to a casual night out. And what it does very well is provide dedicated space for your handgun on the inside left or right, pretty much in front of your abdomen. Although the handgun pockets are very large and thus able to accommodate a large pistol, you’re going to prefer hiding a smaller gun in them. Why? A large pistol’s weight puts too much downward drag on the coat and, of course, tends to print or at least create some additional bulk in front.


If you do carry a large pistol, you can have the stocks stick out just a bit under a hook and loop tab, a sort of built-in, on-board holster. But a small pistol will drop neatly in the shaped pockets and will stay in place just fine.

Just above the pockets for the pistol are four horizontal spare magazine pouches, two on each side, each with a flap sporting a hook and loop closure. These pouches are also very large, able to accommodate virtually any magazine you place in it.


A close-up of the magazine pouches on the inside right of the jacket. Top pocket: Ruger American 17-round magazine. Bottom pocket: 8-round 1911 magazine. Plenty of room to spare in each.

Wearing the jacket and carrying a small pistol in the left-side pocket (for a right-handed cross draw) along with a spare magazine in the lower right-side magazine pouch (for a left-handed cross-draw reload), I’ve enjoyed a myriad of activities and outings with my gun at the ready and no one the wiser. Part of the magic of concealment is due to the jacket’s nondescript features. It’s just an average-looking dark jacket with normal pockets on the outside, a zip closure, buttons at the waist and a simple stand-up collar. It’s durable but soft, flexible but decently warm. Exactly what a winter jacket should be.


How do you carry concealed during the winter months?

— Mark Kakkuri

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5 thoughts on “Exclusive: Concealed Carry During Winter

  1. Jim L

    I like the style of this jacket, simple and not shoot me tactical. I usually carry in a belt holster or pocket holster covered by an appropriate garment. I do have a concealed carry jacket but I’m not overly impressed with it so it’s rarely worn.

  2. left coast chuck

    I like gear that doesn’t scream “TACTICAL!” There is some great gear made by companies that makes one look like a SWAT member who misunderstood the directions on where to show up. This jacket doesn’t look tactical at all. It looks like something you might get off the rack at Wallyworld. AND the price isn’t too bad either. Here in SoCal, anything below 60°F is freezing weather, so it would be a good three season jacket for those of us living here in this foreign country. I am going to have to look into acquiring one.

  3. Nathan

    I have another style Rothco three season jacket. While I don’t carry a firearm in the pocket I do use the magazine holders for additional supply. The firearm pockets have been useful for hat and gloves.

    Gloves are not mentioned here-but consider Thin/lightweight as more and practice to ensure your finger will pass effortlessly past the trigger guard.

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