Exclusive: DeSantis Scorpion Holster Review

For the concealed carry of a handgun I generally regard plastic holsters as those to be used when I need to put a holster on or off quickly and more than once per day. In other words, I’m usually not planning on wearing a plastic holster for a significant amount of time — surely not all day. But that’s exactly what I did when I tried on the DeSantis Scorpion to carry a Kimber Super Carry Pro. Yes, this massive piece of plastic fits inside the waistband and comfortably carried that 1911 almost all day long.


“Plastic” is a broad, generic term for the material that’s used in making some holsters today. In the case of the Scorpion, it’s actually Kydex, a custom combination of materials that is rugged, durable, and formable and often used in holster manufacturing. The Scorpion’s construction is nothing short of robust. No part of it feels weak or thin; in fact, it feels so strong that, until you put it on, you think it can’t possibly be comfortable to wear. More on that in a minute.

des2 - CopyThe Scorpion is comprised of two panels of Kydex — one that forms the body side or back of the holster and the other that forms the front side of the holster. The two pieces are custom formed to hold a handgun in between and attached together with strong rivets. Two very strong belt loops are affixed to the front of the holster for inside the waistband carry.


Installing the Scorpion on your person takes a few seconds, some tugging and shifting of shirts or pants, an adjustment of the belt, and so forth. It’s not quite a struggle to get it on but it takes some work. Once the Scorpion is riding at about 3 or 4 o’clock, slide the pistol into it and it’ll seat, held in place by the friction of the two Kydex panels in front and in back of it. The Scorpion carries the Kimber Super Carry Pro at a slight forward cant, which put the bobtail up and near my right side, helping to conceal it.

The Scorpion’s design puts all that Kydex in a natural curve around your hip and, while you know it’s there, you’ll be surprised that you don’t feel more of it. Standing, walking, sitting are all very possible with the Scorpion but the rigid Kydex will quickly let you know the new limits to your range of motion with a pressing feeling in leg or hip. Admittedly, this holster takes some getting used to and became more comfortable as time wore on. I could move or function with the Scorpion as I do with most other gun/holster combinations.


des3 - CopyWhile installing it takes some work, the resulting ability to easily carry and draw the Kimber seemed worth the effort. The holster offers an accessible combat grip with no fuss in letting the gun clear the holster during deployment. And, being the firm design that it is, the Scorpion allows for easy one-handed re-holstering if needed. Finally, it’s easier to remove the Scorpion than it is to install it: Remove the gun and render it safe and then pull the front tab off your belt and then the back tab and then slide it out. Done.

Available in right or left-handed models in black, the DeSantis Scorpion retails for $67.99.

What’s your experience with plastic holsters?

— Mark Kakkuri

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