Exclusive: Detroit Concealment iNfil Holster

While the reliable and accurate Sig Sauer SP2022 is a lot of gun, size-wise, to carry concealed, they key to doing so successfully is to find a holster that works with the SP2022’s features and with you. Detroit Concealment’s iNfil holster does that by carrying the SP2022 with minimal material but a few key features: The iNfil holster, shown here in Blood Red Carbon Fiber, is strong but lightweight, adjustable for cant and depth, and tuckable.

Strong but Lightweight

DSC_6710 A “foldover” holster made from Kydex, the iNfil does a lot with little. The holster contours fit the SP2022 exactly, offering a sure hold of the gun in conjunction with a gun belt. Far from being just a “plastic” holster, the iNfil seems very strong and durable and protects this SP2022 Desert (as if it needed it) in all the right ways. But the iNfil is also very light in weight, adding virtually nothing to the gun’s 29 ounces.

Adjustable for Cant and Depth

With just one well-designed means of attachment, the iNfil can be worn at varying depths and cants. With the SP2022, I achieved the most concealable carry with a slight forward cant but a higher ride height. Most of the time, however, I went for the greater comfort and ease of draw with a straight drop and lower ride height. A couple shirts, untucked, did a decent job of hiding the SP2022.


DSC_6712While it is possible to tuck a shirt in over and around the SP2022, I never did so for a couple reasons: 1) wearing more casual clothes doesn’t demand a tucked in look and 2) most of the time, tucking in holsters just isn’t worth the hassle and leaves an exposed belt loop attachment anyway. But if tucking in is your thing, you can do so with the iNfil.

At 1.4 inches wide, carrying the SP2022 inside the waistband can be less comfortable than other guns. Thankfully, the iNfil adds hardly any width while still offering a stable ride and a firm hold on the gun. Despite being made of hard Kydex, the holster’s smaller profile as a foldover feels decent when worn at 4 o’clock. In other words, if you carry the SP2022 concealed, the iNfil is a good holster for it.

Starting at $55, the Detroit Concealment iNfil is available in right or left handed and standard or tactical configurations and in a variety of unique colors, including Safety Yellow, Battle Drab, and SuperCam Camo. Learn more at Detroit Concealment’s website.

DSC_6714— Mark Kakkuri

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  1. Pat

    I have two. One for personal carry and one custom for my car. Best quality ever.
    Highly recommend. Support local company and Made in USA. Enough said.

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