Exclusive: Diamond D Custom Leather

Tank Hoover

Anything coming out of Alaska has to be tough, right? Extreme temperatures, rugged jobs and hardy people demand tough gear! They need gear that can withstand what the harshest elements can dish out because they never know the next time they’re going to be in town or get an airdrop for gear.

Diamond D knows these demands firsthand as they hail from Wasilla, Alaska. Besides being tough, Diamond D gear is stylish and handsome, if I do say so myself (at the risk of having to turn in my man card).

Diamond D is no diamond in the rough. Their holsters are well finished with neat, tight stiches and are boned out and edged, second to none.

I received one of Diamond D’s IWB holsters for my S&W Shield in 9mm. The fit was snug to say the least. You better break-in your holster before wearing it! This isn’t bad, but rather a trait many can learn from.

There’s nothing worse than a sloppy holster constantly worrying you about losing your roscoe. Here’s a little Tank Tip: Put your gun in a plastic bag and holster it overnight. The extra size of the bag will loosen it some.

Some repetitive drawing and re-holstering cycles will also tune your holster for a custom fit while building confidence and familiarity to your new rig. Only when you’re satisfied and comfortable in drawing from your broken-in holster should you wear it for concealed carry.

The forward belt loop has two attachment points for the type of cant you want. Your choice of a butt-forward draw or conventional straight-drop are available options. The butt-forward draw makes longer barreled guns more comfortable when sitting or driving.

Diamond D’s IWB holsters are available in natural oil, black or brown color and single-layer leather — for better concealment — of your semi-auto pistol only. Sorry people, no wheelgun leather available for IWB holsters.

Wearing the Diamond D IWB holster was a joy and comfort and kept my “Shield” concealed and accessible. I’m sure I’ll get many years of use out of this holster as I confidently wear it; after all, it’s made in Alaska.

The Diamond D IWB holster has a MSRP of $120. For more info, go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/diamond-d-custom-leather/

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