Exclusive: Every Day Carry and the Maxpedition Tri Carry 6 Pouch

“Every day carry” or EDC seems to have grown from being primarily about knives or handguns to including whatever other tools or equipment we think we need at our side, including flashlights, multi-tools, reloads, writing instruments, and more. You might carry each of those things on your person one at a time and in a specific location, depending on what you’re wearing. The pen attaches to your shirt pocket, the flashlight goes in your weak hand pocket, and so on. Or, you can carry them all together in a single organizing pocket or pouch which can be easily attached to your belt or carried in a messenger bag or backpack. Maxpedition’s Tri Carry 6 Pouch is one of several of the company’s organizational tools that will not only carry most of your EDC stuff, but also will outlast most of it.

max5The Tri Carry pouch gets its name from the three possible modes of carry: belt, Maxpedition Shoulder Strap, or attached via PALS using a Maxpedition TacTie Attachment Strap. Available in colors such as Black, OD Green, Khaki, Foliage Green, and Khaki-Foliage, the Tri Carry 6 retails for $29.99.

max3Made from Teflon-treated, 1000-Denier ballistic nylon, the Tri Carry 6  — one of 11 similarly styled Maxpedition pouches — sports not only durability but also water resistance. As for its ruggedness, the pictures tell only half the story. Actually handling the Tri Carry 6 and filling it up with tools and carrying it around for a while proved its robust construction and thoughtful design. This is one tough pouch.

I tried various combinations of EDC tools and means of carrying them but found the Tri Carry 6 most useful in my suburban setting when it was packed with a tactical flashlight, multi-tool, reload, and pen. For trips to the backcountry or working outdoors I might carry it on my belt, but most of the time it was very handy in a corner of the messenger bag I carry most of the time to and from the office.

max1Some of my EDC gear — especially a folding knife — will always be in a pocket on my person. Some of my other EDC gear — the stuff you see here, for example — now travels together, organized, protected, ready to deploy, and transfers from bag to car to house to belt or strap with ease.

What’s on your EDC list? How do you carry it all?

— Mark Kakkuri

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