Exclusive: Exodus Gunleather Stowaway Slim Review

Kimber’s Ultra Carry II Stainless is an excellent concealed carry pistol — reliable, powerful, and compact. Ironically, it’s three-inch barrel at times works against it with inside the waistband carry. Put another way, the extra length and therefore greater leverage of longer-barreled 1911’s are no more trouble to hide but actually provide a bit more stability for carry, helping press the stocks closer to the body, which aids in concealment. The key to carrying the shorter-barreled Kimber is to use an inside the waistband holster that holds it securely because it was made specifically for that gun. Enter Exodus Gunleather’s Stowaway Slim holster — a form-fitting holster that puts the right squeeze on all the right places of the Kimber, providing a comfortable and secure ride despite the gun’s shorter barrel.

DSC_6993Made from full coverage cape buffalo hide laminated to stiff horsehide, this Stowaway Slim is molded to a 1911’s form, supplying metal-leather friction around the middle of the slide and triggerguard of the holstered gun as well as down the barrel. This key part of the holster rests directly under the belt, which attaches via a single snap belt loop. As such, the pressure from the belt pushes against the belt loop and holster leather and into the gun as it rides inside the waistband. This results in the Ultra Carry II Stainless remaining firmly in place.

Additionally, the Stowaway Slim offers an adjustable belt loop which provides for a variety of cants. While I could wear it cross draw or appendix, it simply feels the best and most secure at the 4 o’clock position. I did wear it with a pronounced forward cant to point the Ultra Carry’s short stocks virtually straight up my side. As an added benefit, this position put more holster under the belt and rode securely.DSC_6985Since the Stowaway Slim provides a body or sweat shield, no metal corners of the gun pressed into my side. The mouth of the holster lacks reinforcement but this type of holster is not meant for competition or frequent reholstering. The goal is civilian concealed carry where a gun needs to be carried and, if needed, deployed only once.

DSC_6992Exodos Gunleather offers the Stowaway Slim starting at $120. Made specifically for a three-inch barreled 1911, it carries very well and has quickly become a favorite.

— Mark Kakkuri

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