Exclusive: Fast and Sure from a Crossbreed Dropslide Holster

I love Fall in Michigan. Leaves change color, temperatures drop, rain falls more frequently, and so wardrobes change. Problem is, while the additional layers of clothes I’ll wear for warmth afford more options in carrying a concealed handgun, it can also be a bit more difficult to draw when I have to defeat all those clothes. As such I’ll strap on holsters such as Crossbreed’s Dropslide, an outside the waistband holster designed to carry a gun in a lower position.


Normally I prefer a gun to carry “high and tight,” allowing my clothing and strong-side arm to aid in concealment and to prevent printing. But that makes drawing a bit more of a stretch, especially if I am wearing multiple layers. So I take advantage of the Dropslide which, because of the lower carry position, means drawing can be just a tad faster.  And not only faster but more sure as Dropslide’s leather backer is cut to allow me to get a full grip on my gun.


In addition to fast and sure, Crossbreed Holsters provide secure, stable and comfortable carry, no matter what gun you want on your side. A Kydex carrier fastens securely to the leather backer (cowhide or horsehide) and the 1-3/4” belt loops help pull the holster firmly to your side — in the case of the Dropslide, “low and tight”.


Retailing for $50.50, the Crossbreed Dropslide comes with a two-week “try it free guarantee” and a lifetime warranty.

— Mark Kakkuri

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4 thoughts on “Exclusive: Fast and Sure from a Crossbreed Dropslide Holster

  1. Charles Smith

    I wonder if a lot of people truly wear a 1 3/4 belt with casual clothes. I do not and even those I wear a good 1 1/2 in gun belt a bigger belt loop just aggravates the crap out of me. I really liked the looks of this holster until I saw the loop sized. Thanks for including that info.

    1. John Barton

      Good point! None of my pants will comfortably accept anything larger than 1 1/2″ belts. I could probably force 1 3/4″ into some of my jeans, but nothing else.

    2. mark Post author

      Thanks for the comments! Just a note of clarification: While the loops are 1-3/4″ the belt you see in the article is 1-1/2″ wide. Moreover, I regularly wear this holster with a 1-1/4″ wide belt. Neither the 1-1/2″ nor the 1-1/4″ belt allow the holster to move up or down in the extra room in belt loop cutouts. Why? When you cinch your belt tight, it works in conjunction with the holster to keep the rig stable. Credit the rough-side leather, the thickness of the leather, and the pull from whatever belt drawing the whole thing to your side. In other words, don’t let the 1-3/4″ loops in the holster dissuade you from getting this holster for smaller-width belts.

  2. Jim L

    Mark , I like the holster. Was wondering if its also available as a reactor style holster for my Shield with a Viridian green laser on it.

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