Exclusive: Fobus Holster

“Fobus Leads The Way”

By Tank Hoover

Fobus Holsters, Israel’s premier holster maker, was founded in 1978. They are the first company to use high-density injection molded polymer holsters, which ensures a custom fit and finish for a particular firearm that is both functional and attractive.

Their gear was developed with the Israeli Military and Special Security services in mind and is practically maintenance free. Polymer won’t absorb blood-born pathogens or other moisture that can do harm to both the pistol and person wearing Fobus gear. A simple swipe of a rag with a bleach solution will neutralize any host, unlike leather.

Fobus makes holsters for any threat level needed with both passive and active retention depending on your needs. Most styles come in left-handed options.

For holsters or mag pouches coming with an adjustment retention screw, you can adjust the retention pressure to your liking by turning the screw based upon your personal retention preference.

Fobus holsters for the time-tested 1911 come complete with a handy injected molded polymer barrel bushing tool clipping on the holster should you need to breakdown your pistol in the field.

Fobus is not just another “Kydex carry” outfit where pre-formed sheets of Kydex are heated, pressed around the intended form gun and then bolted together and trimmed. While functional, these press-fit, bolted barrel baskets leave a lot to be desired in looks. Fobus gear uses a firm, smooth supple polymer has a professional look, style and finish demanding respect, manufactured for each specific gun.

Whatever your needs, Fobus has a high quality, polymer injection molded holster or mag pouch to suit. Their endless options will have a combination to keep you and your sidearm happy, safe and secure. Fobus, a leader in modern weapon carry and retention, won’t let you down.

For more info go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/fobus/

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  1. Badger

    Still a big ZERO for holsters to fit the popular Browning 1911-380 pistols we’ve
    sold hundreds of. Who chooses what they build for ? Our requests over last 2 yrs
    have yet to receive a reply.

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