Exclusive: Glock 19 Gen5

By Tank Hoover

Some Background

In 1982, engineer Gaston Glock upset the gun world when he released his polymer framed, striker-fired 9mm semi-auto shell-slinger, following the criteria/standards set by the Austrian Army. Many scoffed, sneered and snickered at the iconic pistol, while others soon imitated the polymer platform from which the GLOCK pistol was designed.

I’ve never been a poly-phobe and could never understand why people find it trendy to bash these guns. Admittedly a traditionalist when it comes to classic guns/leather holsters, I know the polymer-framed pistol has a place and purpose in our world as an excellent high-capacity delivery system for ammo, while being lighter than all-steel guns.

Hell, I carried a GLOCK 22 the last 12 years during my cop job without a hiccup. I appreciated the lighter, corrosion-proof polymer framed gun strapped to my hip on long 12–14 hour days. I also appreciated the reliability, dependability and high-capacity magazines it provided.

The GLOCK 19 Gen5

As the name implies, this is the 5th Generation, or evolution for GLOCK. During each new generation, improvements are made and designs tweaked to improve and make each model more comfortable, reliable and durable. Every change is was for the benefit of the shooter.

The Differences

The Model 19 Gen5 now has ambidextrous slide-stops. Gone are the finger-groove grips for a flat Gen2 style grip. A beveled and slightly flared magazine well was added to aid in magazine insertion. A Marksman barrel, which GLOCK claims will shoot less than 4″ groups or better at 50 yards, is now used and sports new rifling and crown design.

A newly designed extractor and trigger mechanism have been improved, while the front rails have been reinforced.

Gen5 magazines have high-visibility orange followers making round count easier to confirm, along with making sure the magazine is empty. The Gen5 mags are compatible with previous Generation GLOCKS, and vice versa. The frame of the Gen5 uses only one cross pin as opposed to two from previous Generations.

The muzzle of the slide has been tapered from the square, blocky shape of previous Gen’s to aid in reholstering.
Lastly, is the nDLC finish, which GLOCK states is more durable than the previously used Tenifer finish. In all, there are over 20 differences from the Gen4 predecessor

Some Specs

The GLOCK 19 Gen5 weighs 23.99 oz. and is still a polymer framed, striker-fired safe-action 9mm pistol with 15+1 capacity and a 4″ barrel. Overall length is 7.28″ and height is 5.04″. It comes with three, 15-round magazines in a lockable plastic case.
The GLOCK Model 19 Gen5 has a MSRP of $799.

For further info, go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/glock-inc/

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15 thoughts on “Exclusive: Glock 19 Gen5


    I have both the Gen 5 G-19, and the G-17, I also own 6 Gen 4’s that I would never give up, but I have to say, these new Gen 5’s are the best yet, and being a lefty the ambi slide release is a big plus for me, but even better this new slide release actually works and works well, unlike so many ambi offerings by other gun company’s that even though it’s on the gun, it takes two hands and a friend to get it off, Glock has done a great job with these 20 upgrades and 35 new parts and have a winner, I never thought I would ever buy or own a Glock, I just was an all steel guy, but I bought a G-27, and I was sold, I still love all my metal guns and will never part with them, but my Glocks are just special, and when I carry one, I know I can depend on it if needed, all these Gen 5 upgrades were worth the wait for me and are appreciated…

  2. Colonel Steven Walsh USMC (ret)

    The Gen 5 is a result of the exhaustive FBI pistol trials that were concluded over a year ago. All of the improvements are a direct result of requests the FBI wanted for their new handgun. Well worth the $550.00 bucks if you can find one at your local gun shop!

  3. C J

    Love GLOCK. Own two Gen 3’s. The 5 is nice, but I don’t get why after all the upgrades, no ambi mag release? Maybe I don’t understand? I don’t think it would be hard to do? That would truly make it a ‘fully ambi’ gun. Like many other brands.

  4. cisco kid

    The extractor spring is now different.

    I find it amusing that the so called “Perfect Pistol” keeps getting redesigned over and over again. An oxymoron if there ever was one.


    It’s still a piece of Ca-Ca…… Wrong grip angle …..non 1911 .45 ACP….Hail S & W 9 Pro Series, Period. American made with Pride.

  6. Alan Erickson

    Thank you for the update on Glock, gen 5 17 model. I have been thoroughly checking for a 9mm 5″ barrel semi-auto several months. I have a 4′ barrel Walther. I have prepared a list of potential candidates, all based around reputation and keeping the price under $750. the Glock 17 Gen 5 and the Walther PPQ M2 are the two finalists. I haven’t shot either, however I have shot my son’s Glock 17, Gen 4. I am not overly impressed by the 17, gen 4, The new barrel on the 17 gen 5 seems to have some promise on recoil and I like the looks of the gen 5, a little more rounded. If anyone has any ideas, about the two guns I am considering, please let me know.

  7. Jeff Wallace

    You can purchase a VP 9 for the same amount of money. VP 9 feels better in hand and offers substantially more for your money. The P10C offers more for a lower price. Glock is the new 1911.

    1. Rod Klomp

      The PPQ M2, the HK VP9, the Glock Gen 5, 19 or 17, the Sig P320, and the S&W M&P 2.0, as well as the CZ P-10, all these guns are quality reliable STRIKER FIRED guns you can trust your life to, I own all these guns except the CZ P-10, which are always hard to get, but are supposed to a fine gun…I suggest you handle or better yet shoot some of these offerings to see what you like, and what really feels good in your hand as well as the controls, if your a lefty like me , ambi guns are a must, and they have to work and work well, good luck and take your time…most anything Glock is a good choice, I’m just taken over by the Gen 5’s…

  8. Roger estes

    Glock is the best combat pistol ever designed. The Gen5 seems to be more of the best. I own an okder Glock23 that I’ve carried for police duty for 25 yrs. just bought a new Glock19MOS so I could put a red dot for my ageing eyes. Except for the caliber, they are the same gun! Same feel, not so much kick, same dependability, etc. i’ve enjoyed mine.

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