Exclusive: Honor Defense Single-Stack 9mm Pistol

By Tank Hoover

Honor Defense has got you covered with their 9mm single-stack polymer framed striker-fired pistols. With seven base models and 16 different variations, there’s surely something to tickle your trigger finger.

This fairly new company from Gainesville, Ga., first started shipping guns in January of 2016 and is already in the top 25 units shipped for guns manufactured. Here’s why…

All models have ambidextrous magazine and slide releases along with optional/ambidextrous thumb safeties. All models are complete with a stainless steel chassis system and stainless striker-block safety. Easy rack custom serrations over the top of the slide assure a positive grip during manipulation along with snag-free sights for smooth drawing.

The short, crisp trigger pull contributes to accuracy and no trigger pull is necessary for takedown, avoiding negligent discharges. All models come with a two-year warranty.

Other Cool Features:

You have your choice of a compact 3.2″ barrel or long slide 3.8″ barrel. All models come with two magazines (7-round and an extended 8-round), and three grip options. You also have the choice of 10 different colors along with an advanced designed custom textured finish for better grip control.


Honor Defense came out with the FIST (Firearm with Integrated STandoff) framed compact model at the urging of a product advisor who was part of a “Special” military community. The extended-framed FIST keeps the pistol in battery should it be “jammed” or inadvertently “touch” an assailant during confrontation, allowing the pistol to function.

Some Specs

The Honor Defense Sub-Compact has a 3.2″ barrel and weighs 22 oz. The Honor Defense Long Slide has a 3.8″ barrel and weighs 25 oz. Both have a height of 4.6″. Neither have accessory rails and all models have stainless steel barrels and slides.

Slide and barrels are Ferritic Nitro-Carburized finished. The chassis system is 0.08″ and pistol width of 0.96″. All models are +P rated for ammo. Barrels are 1:10 RH twist.

Honor Defense gives you the options to build the type of gun you want with these custom features. Surely there’s a combination or variation of options to suit your needs from Honor Defense. ALL PARTS ARE PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA ALONG WITH ASSEMBLY!

The Honor Defense has an MSRP of $499 and for an extra $100 you can add a Crimson Trace Laser sight.

For further info, go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/honor-defense/

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