Exclusive: Hurley’s Gold

“The Top Tier One-Step Trifecta Lube!”

By Tank Hoover

My Pap was a greaser…and an oiler. He knew the benefit of keeping his farm equipment lubed, greased or oiled to keep it running smoothly with less wear and tear, which kept it running longer. He had a bucket of heavy grease with a stick and a big oil can with a long flexible nozzle you could bend to reach into the far nooks and crannies of moving motor parts.

This is how I learned to appreciate the importance of lubing moving parts and changing oil at appropriate intervals, which leads us to Hurley’s Gold.

Hurley’s Gold is not your regular gun oil. It is a combination “groil” and dry lube, all in one. What’s groil, Tank? Funny you should ask. Groil is a hybrid of grease and oil and a word that I made up. But it does accurately describe what’s inside of Hurley’s Gold. Hurley’s uses a unique blend of synthetic and mineral oils, grease additives, petroleum and long lasting dry lubricants to make the ultimate lube for the long term care of your firearms.

We all know certain parts of our guns would do well with a heavier grease type lube such as pistol rails and bolt lugs, while other parts benefit from a thinner type lube that migrates to the dark recesses of moving parts. Add a dry lube to the mix that’s effective to one- thousand degrees Fahrenheit and you have extra insurance should you neglect your gun and run it dry of the “groil.”

I had the opportunity to lube two of my everyday guns with Hurley’s and was impressed. My Ruger LCP was showing some freckles from the daily humid confines of my front pocket. A dab of Hurley’s and a little buffing blended the blemishes into the original finish. I then lubed the LCP and my Glock 22.

Carrying the guns for a couple weeks, the Hurley’s stayed put. The rails looked as they did when I applied it. I’m impressed with Hurley’s.

Hurley’s comes in a 2-ounce bottle with a ball bearing in it to assist in mixing all its goodness along with a handy brush for cleaning and applying the lubricant. A little Hurley’s goes a long way for triple protection slickness. Hell, it even worked on my ’98 Tahoe’s squeaky door!

For more info go to: http://www.hurleysgold.com
Or email bobbeck@nullhurleysgold.com

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