Exclusive: LaserMax GripSense

Passive Performance Laser/Light Activation

By Tank Hoover

New this year, the folks at LaserMax — who brought us the guide rod laser system — used their noggins to created a technological passive switch that detects a users grip to activate a light/laser. Simply gripping the gun turns your light/laser “on” after being preset by the user.

Want “lights out” conditions for concealment in darkness? Hit the side activation button with your trigger finger to turn it “off.” Hit the same button again for passive switch control. Or use the on/off switch as you please. The choice is yours with LaserMax GripSense. Make sense? I think so.

The GripSense laser/light unit mounts easily to a Ruger LC9/380 series and S&W Shield pistols. When the laser is activated, point or instinctive shooting is a snap.

The laser is windage and elevation adjustable and can be sighted in for point of impact by the user. Sight alignment and sight picture are unnecessary with a sighted in laser sight, and concerns of lowlight, or no light conditions are gone, bringing much peace of mind.

The GripSense runs on two 1/3N lithium batteries, which are included and housed in an easy-to-access hatch. It has Programmable Activation and Superior Light Signature, along with adjustable brightness.

The LaserMax GripSense is constructed of durable fiberglass reinforced nylon and weighs all of 1.5 ounces. It’s water resistant and comes with a five year warranty. Depending on the model, the LaserMax GripSense has a MSRP of $199-219.

For more information: www.americanhandgunner.com/company/lasermax-inc, (800) 527-3703

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