Exclusive: Mag Pump

By Tank Hoover

I experienced my first bout of TTS (throbbing thumb syndrome) back in 1989. We were transitioning from our Ruger Service-Six wheelguns to 9mm semi-automatic pistols in my police department. The transition consisted of shooting several thousand rounds of ammo to develop “muscle memory” or as it’s known today, familiar task transfer, loading and reloading our pistols. With all the shooting involved, of course we had to load those torturous gizmos known as magazines.

I remedied the affliction with a special workout consisting of hundreds of thumb pushups and pull-ups until my opposable appendages became grotesquely over-developed. For anyone with normal sized thumbs, Mag Pump has come out with an ideal that’s pretty fun to operate as magazines are loaded.

The Mag Pump fills the need, along with magazines, of the casual shooter who enjoys cool contraptions or a hardcore ammo hoarder/blaster who likes them stacked, packed and ready to go.

Made of a nearly indestructible glass filled nylon, for the basic model, or milled 600 aluminum billet for the deluxe version, the Pump Master breaks down into four main components consisting of the base, body, hopper and pump handle. All parts are attached with quick detachable pins for simple easy assembly and disassembly for flat transport and storage. The base is attached with two thumbscrew knobs, which can be mounted anywhere for convenience and extra bases can be purchased separately. Also, the Pump Master mounts onto any Picatinny or Weaver rail for easy mag fill at the range while a firearm is cradled in a rifle rest.

It doesn’t matter which way rounds are oriented in the hopper, just as long as they are parallel to each other; easily accomplished with a swipe of the hand after dumping them into the hopper. Insert a magazine and start pumping the lever and watch it miraculously load itself, saving much thumb-agony.

The Mag Pump is a cool tool that works and is highly recommended. It’s fully patented and has a transferable Lifetime Warranty. The Standard model sells for $199.99 and the Elite version $399.99

For further info go to: https://magpump.com

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