Exclusive: New, Summer Classics

Wait. New and classic? Yep. Check out some of this Summer carry and shooting gear…

You’ve seen this S&W 442 before so I won’t bother with too much copy about it except to say that it’s lightweight, accurate, great to shoot, and reliable. And it is eminently accessorizable, if I may. The revolver idea/design has been around forever, as you know, and so firearms accessory manufacturers can’t and shouldn’t ignore it.

For concealed carry, Blackhawk! offers a Speed Classic leather holster ($53.45), a new play on what’s known as the Berns Martin design. See the break and the elastic band around the top of the holster? This unique design provides a very snug fit for the snubbie while allowing very fast access on a unique draw stroke. Pull up while pushing slightly forward and the gun will be up and out very quickly.

DSC_1127_edited-1The trailing belt loop helps pull the holster and gun in tight, hiding it very well under a T-shirt — at least it did for me at 4 o’clock. Getting a gun belt through the holsters two loops was a workout but when it was finally on me I was rewarded with an ultra stable ride for the 442.

Normally I prefer the 442 wears hand-filling boot grips such as the stock rubber grips. Or I’ll swap them out for something similarly shaped but in an exotic wood. This time, however, I opted for Altamont’s Classic Panel Aged Ivory with Medallions ($48). While there’s less surface area to grip, the 442 actually sits lower and further back in my hand and feels very comfortable and natural to point. The Aged Ivory panels are very smooth and create no hang-ups for any garments that get draped over them.

DSC_1133_edited-1Other stuff rounding out my new and classic gear for Summer? A biothane belt that supposedly will never wear out, a classic Filson shelter cloth cap, an Emerson E-Tak knife, and Mt. Falcon shades from Tactical Rx Eyewear.

What are your favorite pieces of gear — classic or new?

— Mark Kakkuri