Exclusive: Outdoor Edge Para-Claw

By Tank Hoover

Camper shorts were my favorite summer attire as a kid from the late ’60’s. Remember those? They had two large front cargo pockets. One pocket had a diagonal zipper, the other a jaunty flap which snapped shut for the kinda treasures kids found and stuffed away for later, with string being a common cache.

The shorts came with a metal clip attached to the right belt loop which tormented me a lifetime, as I longed for a pocketknife to snap onto it, wondering, “what five-year old didn’t have a pocketknife?” The things one could do with a knife and some string…

The folks at Outdoor Edge understand this concept and developed the Para-Claw. An innocuous looking braided bracelet of 550 paracord, the Para-Claw packs a handy hawkbill blade of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel secreted in the glass/nylon guard, doubling as the buckle, securing it to the wrist.

The blade has a black-stone finish and is 1.5″ long, perfect for performing cutting chores around camp or the office. The thumb ramp “jimping” provides positive control for delicate cutting.

A simple lift of the latch will gives access and versatility only a hawkbill blade affords. The tightly woven paracord performs as the handle, giving a firm grip, effectively capable of cutting open freeze dried meals from their impossible to open packaging, to things as simple as opening the mail. The wickedly curved blade makes for a perfect point to remove splinters or other fine cutting chores, while also allowing more aggressive cuts.

The braided weave can be quickly unraveled to access some of the strongest string around for any camp or tie-down needs.

Each bracelet is available in three sizes and colors, each with an adjustable loop to fine-tune the fit along with a T-post attachment for ease.

The Outdoor Edge Para-Claw is hidden versatility capable of bailing users out of a jam without telegraphing the fact sharpened steel is at the ready in a stylish paracord adornment.

Even if you don’t wear bracelets, carry a Para-Claw in your backpack, bugout bag, or glove box. They are handy…


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