Exclusive: Photos from Gunsite’s 123 Carbine Class

This weekend I’m at Gunsite’s 123 Carbine Class, held at the Boone County Sheriff Department in Lebanon, Ind. Participating in this class are men and women from all walks of life — from full-time information technology professionals to part-time police officers. And me. Here are few shots from today’s time on the range…


We spent a long time getting the guns zeroed in with our choice of optic. Instructors showed us the nuances of aiming at targets from distances of 3 yards, 5 yards, 7 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards, 25 yards, and 50 yards.


At 5 and 7 and even 10 yards, bullets striking the dirt berm behind the targets would kick up a lot of dirt, causing it to rain clods down on us.


If it looks like a beautiful day, you’re right. It was. Sunny and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically this removed all weather-related excuses for poor shooting. “The sun got in my eyes” didn’t count for a good excuse, either.


Just to prove I was here. It was difficult to even take these pictures (and I’m not the selfie type, either) because we all were hanging on every word of instruction and every tip the instructors were handing out.

Top lessons learned so far: Iron sights are fine but red dot optics (good ones) are ideal. Take the time to practice shooting a carbine correctly — meaning emphasize concepts such as safety, trigger follow-through, safety, check the bolt, safety, close the dust cover, safety, be aware of the range and your target, safety, “don’t get lost in the gun” and the importance of slow, deliberate, methodical movements.

Later we’ll learn about transitioning to pistol…

— Mark Kakkuri

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