Exclusive: Ruger Security-9… Triple Ben Backup

By Tank Hoover

I’m guilty! I admit it: I love my Rugers! My first issued police revolver was a Ruger 4″ Service-Six, .38 Special. I still shoot it and consider it a prized possession. A herd (hoard?) of Rugers have followed me home … revolvers, pistols, rifles. They have one commonality — common men love them. Why? They’re priced fairly and built like tanks! Ruger builds them for us!

$300 Gun? You Bet!

Ruger’s engineers outdid themselves and did us all a favor designing the Ruger Security-9. Retailing for around $300, this mega valued shooter is a bargain for a mid-sized 15+1 hammer-fired 9mm pistol. Want affordable security for you and your family? Let’s look at what Ruger provides for a paltry $300 …

Ruger Security-9

The Security-9 is a mid-size pistol, which is easily concealed and basically the same size as the GLOCK 19. The Security-9 is built around a precision machined, hard coated, aluminum chassis with full-length rails. The Secure Action used in the Security-9 is the same one used in Ruger’s LCP II and derived from the tried-and-true Ruger LCP fire control system.

A smooth, short, crisp trigger pull, combined with the positive reset, contributes to the Security-9’s accuracy and control when shooting it. The textured grip frame provides a comfortable, non-slip grip foundation for a steady hold.

The high-visibility sight system is dovetailed, with a drift adjustable rear sight and fixed front sight. Sights can be easily swapped out for different color options and are available separately.

The hardened alloy-steel slide has both front and rear serrations for positive grip during slide manipulation and press check.

Safe And Affordable

Safety features include a bladed trigger safety, external manual safety, a neutrally balanced sear with significant engagement and strong spring tension.

A “hammer catch” helps prevent the hammer from contacting the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled. The Security-9 has a chamber witness hole for fast confirmation of chamber status.

For a minimal cost, Ruger provides the chance to own a high capacity, safe, reliable and affordable form of protection for our families, and ourselves, without breaking the budget. It just makes sense, what’s your excuse not to?


The Ruger Security-9 is a hammer-fired 9mm pistol built around an aluminum chassis, alloy blued steel slide/barrel and high performance glass-filled nylon frame. It has a 15+1 capacity and a 4″ barrel. Overall length is 7.24″ and width is 1.02″. Height is 5″ and weight is 23.7 oz. The Security-9 ships with two alloy steel magazines.

MSRP is $379, but realistically sells for much less. For more info, https://americanhandgunner.com/company/sturm-ruger-co/;

Ph: (203) 259-7843

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6 thoughts on “Exclusive: Ruger Security-9… Triple Ben Backup

  1. Jon Bird

    I enjoyed ur article. Like u I own alot of rugers concluding a stainless 4in service six. Still shoot it every time I go shoot. That gun has killed hundreds of turtles.

  2. Jim L

    I agree with Tank on Rugers. They are tough guns. This gun seems like it would make a great starter gun for someone looking to get into hand gunning and at a very reasonable price.

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