Exclusive: Ruger SR-1911 10mm

By Tank Hoover

Although the folks at Ruger are mighty fine indeed, I do have a bone to pick with them … they are enablers! Just when I think I’m close to getting caught up in their newest niceties, damn if they don’t seduce me again with a siren of a song in the form of a new gun. You know the feeling I’m talking about: “Damn! I need that gun … now!”

Hello, I’m Tank and I’m a Rugerholic.

I have been smitten with guns bearing the hypnotic Phoenix bird since I got my first 10-22 as a kid. A slew of Rugers has followed me home and I swear they breed in my safe! At least that’s what my wife thinks … I’ve got the fever so bad I even named my plate lickin’ black lab ‘Ruger.’

This last time, Ruger surprised us all in the form of a diabolical Dewey Decimal descendent in a metric myth of a caliber, the big 10-point O — as in 10mm — the brainchild and prodigal son of Col. Jeff Cooper.

Built on the SR1911 platform, with a twist, the Ruger SR1911 10mm is bushing free. Its heavy 5″ stainless steel tapered bull-barrel swells out at the muzzle providing additional weight for greater recoil control assisted with a full-length guide rod. Positive barrel lockup contributes to match grade accuracy out of the box.

The slide and frame are CNC controlled machined for an exceptional fit along with slick slide travel, and the ramped barrel is nitrided for maximum durability.

The aluminum trigger is skeletonized, adding to its lightness and has an adjustable over-travel, providing a crisp, clean, light trigger-pull with fast reset. It’s a joy to shoot! The skeletonized hammer provides fast cycling and hammer-drop while the titanium firing pin travels faster for quicker lock time.

An oversized beavertail grip safety provides positive function and reliability while the thumb safety and slide stop lever are both extended for improved manipulation. An oversized ejection port and Bomar-style adjustable rear sight, along with extended magazine release, offer competition performance assistance.

The Ruger SR1911 10mm features a flat mainspring housing with checkered backstrap and rear slide serrations for positive grip for slide manipulation, and comes with two, 8-round stainless steel magazines.

For better or worse, Ruger will entice the more resilient of resisters with this latest entry on their SR1911 platform. Besides, isn’t it about time for you to go metric?

The Ruger 10mm offers a lot of custom features at factory stock box price. The MSRP is $1,019. For more info: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/sturm-ruger-co/, (203) 259-7843.

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16 thoughts on “Exclusive: Ruger SR-1911 10mm

  1. Onederer

    I wonder if we can shoot .40 Cal. for target practice? The 10mm ammo is not cheap. And 40 Cal ammo is still sold at bargain prices.

    1. Owen McCullen

      Don’t know about the Ruger. However, a number of bloggers on several a couple different blogs claim to shoot the .40 “Short and Weak” in the Glock 20 and 29 which are 10mm pistols. see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwXtEm70Q0M for a Utube video on the subject. I have not done that but have considered it. Cartridge dimensions are: 9mm = 9.01X19.5mm, .40 S&W = 10.17X21.6mm and the super 10 or Bren 10 = 10.17X25.2mm. SAAMI maximum chamber pressures are: 9X19mm = 34,084 psi; 40 S&W = 35,000 psi; and, 10X25 = 37,500 psi. The pressure of the .40 is not too much for the 10mm.
      But, the semi auto cartridge, if memory serves, headspace on the case mouth. Since the 10mm is 3.6 mm longer than the .40, that means that when the firing pin hits the primer, if the extractor cannot overcome the force of the firing pin strike, the cartridge will just slide forward in the longer chamber and not fire. So, 3.6 mm shorter is the .40 then its longer brother. Bullet diameter is the same.
      The bloggers claim that the Glock extractor is super strong and that allows to safely shoot the shorter cartridge in the longer chamber. The Glock extractor holds the cartridge face tight against the chamber face and the firing pin can still crush the primer compound and ignite the powder charge. The 1911 has a pretty good extractor but just do not know if it will substitute for the correct chamber dimensions. Have you asked Ruger? Glock will not admit to the 10mm cartridge guns being suitable for .40 S&W officially. Don’t suppose the liability lawyers would let Ruger either unless there was sound and legally defensible research and testing.

    2. Jack Lechalk

      I have used the 40cal in a Colt 1911 Delta Elite 10mm and found it worked just fine ! As a Rugerholic I suspect it’s capable of doing the same!

  2. Gary

    Built one for a customer very similar at least seven years ago on a Colt frame, and instead of a 5″ barrel, I used a 6″ Nowlin barrel and a gunsmith fit bushing. It seemed to push, instead of flip up when shot. I hated to give it back to the customer when he came to pick it up.

  3. Tom Tucker

    The 10 and the 40 are virtually the same thing. Why don’t they just build one or the other? I’m not paying over a grand to get an identical caliber with a different designation. That’s just stupid.

    1. Dennis Gasper

      If you havent fired a 10 mm, then you cant compare it to a 40 cal.thats like the difference between 38 spec and 357mag.

    2. Ihateidiots

      The caliber may be the same, however drastically different in performance. EXACTLY …YOU DONT NEED ONE!
      But the rest of us that know, very much do need one !!!

  4. left coast chuck

    The SR1911 is Ruger’s answer to the venerable 1911A1 in .45 acp. That has been on the market for some time now although due to demand, hard to get. With sales slackening somewhat you should be able to find the SR1911 in .45 acp at a local dealer. UNLESS you live in the Peepuls Demakratik Republik of Kallyforniya, in which case, nether the .45 acp nor the 10 mm are “approved” as being safe for Kallyforniya shooters to shoot. They are okay for cops to buy but not ordinary subjects. Cops, of course, being well trained in handling firearms with extensive pre-employment training and rigorous, continuous training while on the job. Excuse me. I’m laughing so hard I think I am going to throw up. LAPD: 100 rounds from 17 officers to hit the subject they were trying, apparently desperately to hit, 2 times, once in the hand and once in the ankle while he was sitting stationary in the cab of a pick up truck. Of course they did score numerous hits on various buildings and other vehicles in the area.

  5. Crotalus Maxximus

    I vote to encourage a 6 inch version. Then it will be legal for deer hunting in my state.

  6. bruno de Prato

    I look forward to adding this new 10mm Ruger SR-191 to my present Glock 20, I love the 10mm, hard hitting, flat supersonic shooting, and I love the classic style of the mighty 1911, great way to go Ruger

  7. Nipperdog

    It would be a simple matter to install an aftermarket .40 barrel into the Ruger provided that the Ruger 10mm Barrel is one of the 2 standard ramped barrel designs

  8. Doug Wilson

    Got my sr1911 in 10 mm 2 weeks ago going through but of brake in pierod before I try some hotter rounds like underwood or the buffalo bore version . But very pleased been shooting sigs full metal jacket at 1200 fps for break in recoils about same as my se1911 in 45 . So getting great review from me .

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