Exclusive: SB Tactical SBA3 Stabilizing Brace

By Tank Hoover

With the advent of AR pistol platforms, there had to be a better way of gaining more control of these mighty marauders while shooting them. Necessity being the mother of invention, SB Tactical invented the Pistol Stabilizer Brace.

The SBA3

Always striving to improve previous models, SB Tactical designed the SBA3 Adjustable Stabilizing Brace for AR pistols this year, keeping pace with their innovative ideas, continually making them a leader in the industry.

The SBA3 is compatible with all platforms capable of accepting Mil-Spec carbine receiver extensions. This brace has 5-position adjustments for proper fit and enhances control while shooting a firearm by adding a third point of contact. More importantly, it does not change classification of the host pistol in accordance with GCA provisions.

Inventor and CEO of SB Tactical, Alex Bosco stated, “The SBA3 will prove to be one of the most popular models for the AR pistol market. With five adjustment positions, the new SBA3 provides enhanced versatility for any user or situation.”

Some Specs …

The SBA3 weighs 6.75 oz. and measures 6.1″. It comes completely assembled with a Mil-Spec carbine receiver extension and integral, ambidextrous QD socket for sling attachment. It’s available in black and FDE, and will begin shipping February 2018.

As with all SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Braces, the SBA3 is BATFE compliant, U.S. veteran designed and proudly manufactured in the USA.

The SB Tactical SBA3 Adjustable Stabilizing Brace has an MSRP of $169.99. For further information, go to:

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