Exclusive: SCCY CPX-3 Affordable .380 Pistol

Double-Stacked Dependable Defense

By Tank Hoover

Say what you want about compact pistols, their greatest asset is size — or lack of it. Packing these pistols is surely easier than carrying a full-size gun, giving you no excuse to leave home without it. SCCY understands this and has built an entire business around providing just this kind of product.

Enter the CPX-3, an affordable compact .380 ACP pistol from SCCY featuring a simple and safe double-action-only trigger system. By giving the CPX-3 a double-stack magazine, it also provides plenty of punch in a 10+1 package, especially with today’s advancements in ammunition. A small gun beats none every time, right?

The Nitty Gritty

For such a frugal firearm, this pup is packed with features I really like, namely the Roebuck Quad-Lock, providing repeatable accuracy by rigidly locking up and centering the tilting barrel in place after each shot.

Two double-stack magazines, with finger extension bases, provide greater gripping geometry and give it 10+1 capacity. Two flat base plates are also included, should you choose a more compact profile.

The barrel is machined from bar stock featuring seven lands and grooves with 1-16 right-hand twist. The 7075-T6 aircraft grade receiver is heat treated and machined from bar stock. It’s mated inside a Zytel polymer grip-frame with finger grooves.

The slide is made of quality stainless steel and choices of natural or black nitride finish are available. Rear serrations provide a positive grip for slide manipulation. An all-steel fully encapsulated recoil spring system makes for easier breakdown and reassembly. A steel slide lock coated with Zytel offers an extension for ease of operation.

This pistol is not a match grade target gun, but a personal packing defense pistol, as the smooth, consistent 9-lb. trigger pull attests. The steel rear sight is adjustable for windage only and has a locking screw, once your sighted in with your favorite ammo. The three-dot sight system provides a fast sight picture and target acquisition.

Dandy Dimensions

The SCCY CPX-3 has a 2.96″ barrel. Height is 4.2″ and length 5.7″ overall. Width is a mere 1.1″ and weight is 15 oz.

What’s not to like about an inexpensive, reliable, ruggedly built pocket pistol? You tell me …
MSRP is a measly $350.

For more info:
SCCY Firearms
Ph: (386) 322-6336

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10 thoughts on “Exclusive: SCCY CPX-3 Affordable .380 Pistol

  1. Gilbert Matzdorf

    Great, but have they ever gotten into production? Last communication I had with SCCY they were having tooling problems. Has that been resolved and when will the CPX-3 be on the shelves?


    If o nly they could figure out how to correct the miserabe reset on the trigger. Even after a couple of hundred rounds I can’t get used to zero tactile feedback as the finger travels forward in the trigger guard. Other than that I really like my 9mm version.

    1. maxwell carter

      it’s a double action only trigger.. by definition, it has no reset.. it’s like using a revolver in double action..

  3. A.G.Leder

    I have been interested in this pistol since first reading about it about 2yrs. ago or so. I have inquired why this cpx-3 is not available. This is some kind of tease, always the same answer,something about production on parts or some stuff. Since than I purchased a Kahr ct380 tungsten cerakote from guns Midwest. Awesome price fast shipping.Most of all great little pistol, and it’s available.

  4. Richard Hunker

    I have the CPX2 and have been waiting patiently for the CPX3. Is it available now??????

  5. Lloyd Jones

    Sorry, but I’ll be keeping my KelTec P3AT.
    I purchased a SCYY 9mm a couple of years ago. As with the .380 above the 10 shot mag capacity is great. BUT: the trigger!!! After my first & only range time I quickly decided to sell the 9mm because I could not stand the horrible trigger. Yes, A gun is better than NO gun; but I can’t recommend a SCYY.

  6. Tom Tucker

    I had a .389, but I shot a rat once and he turned around and mocked me, before running into his hole. How humiliating was that?

    1. Ed

      Gotta hit them in the right place. I shot a groundhog at 20 yards with my Ruger SR22 and put him down on the spot. Right behind the ear.

  7. Jose T

    I like the approach and design of these pistols. I am looking for something like these but I have one of their’s in 9mm but the trigger in mine has a 12 lb pull. It maybe safe but it is too much of a pull for this little double action and will pass the .380!

  8. Lynn Robertson

    I don’t know about the 380 but I have had my 9 for serveral years. Totally reliable and feeds and cycles with anything i’ve thrown in it. A great point and shoot carry gun. If you think the trigger pull is to much, maybe you should exercise your finger rather than just picking your nose with it. LOL

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