Exclusive: Shooter’s Choice For A New Look

By Tank Hoover

Shooter’s Choice, the gun cleaning products of choice for sharp shooters, has come out with a fresh new look this year by sporting a new logo. Maybe it’s time for you to sport a new look too this year by going to the range with clean guns?
Using Shooter’s Choice 4-step cleaning process makes it quick and easy for you!

Step 1 … The Bore

The bore is the heart and soul of accuracy for any firearm. Soak some patches with MC #7 and run them through the bore, making sure it’s good and wet inside.

Now run a phosphor brush through your barrel 8¬–10 times, loosening any hard caked-on powder and jacket fouling. Most will miraculously be turning into sludge and slag from the MC #7 secret sauce.

Run three more wet patches of #7 down your bore in a scrubbing action to remove any more debris followed up with a dry patch. If your dry patch is dirty, repeat the process again until the dry patch comes out clean.

Step 2 … Now What? Action!

Now we jump to the action of your gun. Let’s use some Shooter’s Choice Quick Scrub. In aerosol form, it sprays a degreaser and blows any dirt or dust out while applying it. Use an old toothbrush and scrub any stubborn areas while your gun is field stripped. Wipe dry with your shop rag, but don’t reassemble just yet.

Step 3 … Lube, Oil Or Grease! Slick Stuff …

Now’s the time to oil, lube or grease all moving parts we have access to. Lubes keep things running smoothly and saves wear and tear on metal parts. Guess what? Shooter’s Choice just happens to have All-Weather Grease and FP-10 Lubricant Elite to fulfill your lubricant needs.

Step 4 … Finally, Prevention

After lubing all the moving parts let’s use some Rust Prevent to keep our parts from rusting. Apply a quick spray on all metal surfaces and let it evaporate. Boy, that’s easy enough! For long term storage, simply do it again for a double coat of corrosion resistance.

No Bellyaching Allowed …

Shooter’s Choice makes it so simple to clean guns there’s no excuse not to do it each and every time we shoot them. It’s a small investment in time and materials to keep our guns running smoothly. There’s nothing worse than picking up your gun to go shooting only to see rust on it or have it malfunction when we need it.

Make it part of your monthly schedule even if you don’t shoot them, especially your carry guns. Your salty, acidic sweat mixed with the sarcasm oozing from your pores reeks havoc on metal parts. That nice bluing job will be pitted and orange when snuggled up against your body during the dog days of August. Think stainless steel won’t rust? Just neglect it long enough.

Shooter’s Choice makes it too easy not to do it … so just do it! It could save your life!

Learn more at: www.americanhandgunner.com/company/shooter-s-choice-gun-care

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