Exclusive: Sorry, but I had some serious fun on the range.

I’m going to have to apologize up front.

My buddy and I had so much fun on the range with this Rock Island Armory 1911 in .22 TCM, I hardly took any notes. From our first shots, it was pop, pop, pop, and clang, clang, clang. Reload. Repeat. Repeat and repeat some more. I guess I’ll just have to shoot this gun again, pay better attention, and report to you later.

In the meantime, here’s a quick look at a very fun gun…


This is the gun fresh off the range: RIA’s 1911 in .22 TCM. Retail $867. Typical 1911 except the slide is very easy to cycle by hand and all operations feel like a Mercedes. Our teen sons loved shooting it but we middle-aged men couldn’t get enough.


10 rounds of .22 TCM ready to go. Looks like a necked down 9mm, right? Yep. Looks fast, ya? You bet.


On the left, a typical 9mm. On the right, a .22 TCM round. Not only is this a high-speed bullet (around 2,000 FPS), it is a reliable feeder. Every round went fully into battery, fired, and ejected properly.


A frame from a slow-mo video. The ball of fire you see was typical with each shot, complete with a resounding report. Very loud. But the rocoil? Negligible. Deadly accurate at almost any range. That adds up to outrageous fun.


I fired the RIA 1911 one-handed, standing, at 45 feet from the target. This was the result.


And a slow-mo of the TCM being fired very fast…

— Mark Kakkuri

9 thoughts on “Exclusive: Sorry, but I had some serious fun on the range.

  1. Glenn Johnson

    We’ve had ours for about two years… it’s my daily carry… I live in the desert so I need something that is easy to shoot and has a bit more ‘punch’ than my 9mm. I sold a 9mm to buy it… GJ

  2. Art

    I just got one and am anxious to get to the range with it!
    I ‘ve spent some time gathering two more mags an inside and outside holster, now waiting on other conditions to coalesce.

  3. Dave Bolin

    Yup, couldn’t agree more; the TCM is the biggest grin-producer since bourbon pizza! I’ve had mine since 2012 and find that the only thing better than shooting it is watching others shoot it for the first time, they invariably touch off two or three rounds then look back with an enormous smile on their faces and then turn back and finish the whole magazine of ammo. It is a revelation to those afraid of 1911’s to shoot something as boisterous as this gun with so little recoil to deal with and that makes it both enjoyable as well as an effective cartridge for target and varmint shooting. This is way more than just a wildcat cartridge, it’s a whole new way to enjoy a handgun.

  4. Travis Loest

    I’ve got a double stack 1911 in 22TCM, you think 10 rounds is fun. Try the look on everyone’s face when they see you firing 16 sounds at a time out of a 1911! Priceless!!

  5. JAL

    It’s the best bang for the buck money can buy. Put on your ear protection, pull the trigger and you’ll be back at the store getting more ammo. ????????

    1. mark Post author

      Thanks for the comments, guys. Couldn’t agree more. Lots of big smiles here after shooting just a few rounds down range. Outrageous fun!

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