Exclusive: Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection 10mm

The new Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection 10mm load delivers true 10mm power by pushing a 200-gr. bullet at 1,100 fps. Images courtesy of the manufacturer.

By Michael O. Humphries

The 10mm has a complicated past. When it was introduced, it was supposed to be the greatest autopistol round to date. Splitting the difference in bullet diameter between the 9mm and the .45 ACP and featuring .41 Magnum-like power in semi-auto platforms, it offered the best of both worlds. No less an authority than Colonel Jeff Cooper supported the cartridge, and it appeared to be the way of the future.

However, reality would set in quickly. Although the round did deliver its promised power, that power came with some side-effects. Early guns chambered for the round proved unable to stand up to the punishing force exerted by the cartridge and showed signs of stress at very low round counts. In addition, many shooters found the recoil to be too harsh. Although the 10mm was on track to become the new FBI duty round chambered in a Smith & Wesson autopistol, these issues weighed down its momentum.

In response, the .40 S&W cartridge — in effect, a down-powered 10mm — was born and adopted by the FBI, quickly taking over the law enforcement and personal defense markets. It seemed the 10mm was dead, but was it? In fact, the 10mm soldiered on with a strong core of dedicated fans keeping it alive. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers also downloaded the 10mm rounds to minimize wear on the firearms as well as the shooters.

The load comes packed 20 rounds to a box.

It’s Back!

In recent years, with modern guns’ abilities to stand up to the more powerful rounds, ammunition producers have begun offering 10mm loads that take full advantage of the 10mm’s capabilities. A great example of this is the new 10mm Personal Protection round from Gold Dot, designed to take full advantage of the round’s abilities. Pushing a 200-gr. jacketed hollowpoint at 1,100 feet per second, the round will wring out the most performance possible from your 10mm carry gun.

Looking forward to trying this new Speer load out in the Springfield 10mm TRP Longslide model I have gotten in for testing.

As with all Gold Dot loads, the bullet features Speer’s Uni-Cor construction that solidly bonds the jacket to the core and ensures that performance is consistent through all commonly encountered barriers. A nickel-plated case and CCI primer round out the package. For more information, visit https://www.speer-ammo.com/en/ammunition/gold-dot-handgun-personal-protection/10mm-auto/10mm-200gr-gold-dot-hp.