Exclusive: Springfield SAINT AR Pistol

By Michael O. Humphries

The new Springfield Armory pistol may not be what you expected, but it certainly packs a lot of punch!

While Springfield Armory may have made its name with traditional firearms such as the M14-based M1A series of rifles and its line of 1911 pistols, it has constantly pushed the envelope with cutting-edge new products. From its voluminous XD line of handguns (with just about every imaginable variation of a polymer-framed pistol available) to the introduction of the SAINT 5.56mm AR-15 rifle series last year, Springfield is staying ahead of the curve.

The SAINT AR Pistol features a 7.5″ barrel and a forearm brace.

Short & Long of It

Continuing that pattern is its introduction today of the SAINT AR-15 pistol, a shorty variant of the SAINT AR rifle. It is 26.5″ in overall length and weighs 5.5 lbs. The pistol is based off of the traditional direct gas impingement system of operation of the AR. The pistol features a 416R stainless steel 7.5″ barrel with a 1:7″ twist rate. The barrel is Melonite treated and chambered for 5.56 NATO. Topping off the muzzle is a “blast diverter” to make the blast from the very short barrel less distracting to the shooter and those around him.

The M-LOK handguard of the pistol is Springfield’s own free-float design with locking tabs and fitted with a hand stop (which is a really nice feature with the short barrel). At the other end of the pistol is an SB Tactical SBX-K forearm brace. Internally, the pistol features a nickel boron-coated single-stage trigger surrounded by a Bravo Co. trigger guard, and just forward of a Bravo Co. Mod 3 pistol grip.

The SAINT pistol features the same Accu-Tite tension system as the rifle variant to make for a tight fit between upper and lower receivers, which are forged 7075 T6 aluminum. Rounding out the package is a heavy tungsten buffer system, low-profile pinned gas block and GI style charging handle. Also, the M16 bolt carrier group is magnetic particle inspected and finished in Melonite. A Magpul Gen 3, 30-round magazine feeds the pistol.

The muzzle is topped off with a “blast diverter.” Note the hand stop on the underside of the handguard

Stay Tuned

We are pretty excited about trying out this new Springfield for ourselves. Kudos to Springfield Armory for keeping abreast of exciting and new products for all of us gun nuts out here. Be sure to keep an eye out for a full review of the SAINT AR Pistol in an upcoming issue!

For more information, visit https://americanhandgunner.com/company/springfield-armory/.

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8 thoughts on “Exclusive: Springfield SAINT AR Pistol

  1. Michael Smith

    This would be interesting in .300 Blackout. Unfortunately, I refuse to do business with Springfield Armory any longer after selling out the gun community with the Illinois legislation.

    1. lukeum

      hey tim that makes two of us she shure is a beauty maybe we may some day get a little more concideration and the gun manufactors may allow a fiesable payment program for folks like us meanwhile they cant charge us for dreamin

  2. Jon Van Dellen

    Is this blast diverted in anyway ATF required stamp? Is this legal and like a flash foward device? TKS ?

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