Exclusive: SureFire MasterFire Rapid Deploy Holster

Level-3 Locked-In Lighting Retention System

By Tank Hoover

SureFire, the leader and innovator in tactical lighting has stepped into the holster-making arena and has locked-in on a bright idea. Any street cop or tactical team member will attest weapon retention is serious business. For those that carry professionally, every citizen contact involves a gun. Keeping the gun safe and secure is a top priority. Combined with a top-notch tactical light attached to a firearm in a secure Level-3 holster, the next “service call” dispatch puts out through the radio is easily handled.

The SureFire MasterFire Rapid Deploy Holster (RDH) does just that with its Level-3 security holster. It utilizes both a primary and secondary locking system which is released by an ergonomic thumb-break for rapid weapon deployment. This revolutionary design is lightweight, rugged and versatile. It securely locks in most railed handguns equipped with a SureFire H-Series WeaponLight — positioning it at the ergonomic angle of choice, for a fast, consistent draw.

The MasterFire RDH actually locks-in the SureFire H-series WeaponLight, making it adaptable for several different firearms. An integral light activation switch allows the user to draw the firearm with the light “On” without having to search for the switch during high stress incidents. The switch can also be turned “Off” for when it’s tactically advantageous for “lights-out” conditions.

The holster can be customized with two release-button adapters to personally fit hand size for safe, comfortable and consistent manipulation of the release button.

Be well armed. An illumination or laser device securely locked into the holster, with Level-3 insurance, provides peace of mind and the assurance of a quick, clean draw.

For more info go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/surefire-llc

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