Exclusive: Surefire Ryder Mini 22 Suppressor

By Tank Hoover

Shooting our favorite rimfire blasters produces sound in three different ways. Muzzle blast, sonic boom and mechanical sound are the culprits responsible for the noise we make when we shoot.

Muzzle blast is generated when gunpowder is ignited. It produces hot, high-pressure gases, which push the bullet down the bore and exit after the bullet in a fiery inferno. The more powder ignited, the more muzzle blast.

Sonic boom is the bullwhip crack caused by a supersonic bullet (faster than the speed of sound) at 1,125 fps or faster.

Lastly, is the mechanical sound, produced by the firearm itself and the internal moving parts of the gun’s action.

Muzzle blast and sonic boom are the most controllable factors we can alter for decibel declining ability. This is done by simply capturing the gases in a larger area (the suppressor) than the barrel and releasing the gases at a lower pressure, reducing muzzle blast.

Surefire Ryder Mini .22 Suppressor

The Ryder 22-Mini Suppressor captures muzzle blast gases and vents them after passing through a series of baffles to stifle the ear-piercing crack of the rimfire rounds it was made for in a short, compact package. Using subsonic ammo will make shooting negligible on your ears.

The heat-treated stainless steel baffles of the Ryder 22-Mini offer increased durability and are capable of handling the high pressures produced by the 17 HMR and .22 WMR ammo … Even during full-auto fire!

Simple and easy to maintain, these suppressors have individually numbered and indexed baffles making takedown and reassembly a snap for cleaning. A weight reducing fluted aluminum body houses the whole works and a 0.5″ X 28 single-point-cut stainless steel thread on the back section assures a secure point of attachment for the host firearm, whether rifle or pistol.

Specs …

The SF Ryder 22-Mini is for .22 LR, 17 HMR and .22 WMR. It has a length of 3.9″ and is 1″ in diameter. It weighs 4 oz.

Save Yourself …

So save yourself, save your hearing, reduce your muzzle blast “footprint” while picking off pasture poodles, whistle pigs or just plinking for fun. Suppressors are cool … And your neighbors will love them too. Think of it as a muffler for your firearm.

The Surefire Ryder 22-Mini has an MSRP of $399. For more info, go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/surefire-llc/

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Surefire Ryder Mini 22 Suppressor

  1. L. Edwards

    I have a Ryder suppressor that I am quite happy with. Cleaning has never been very easy. It doesn’t take many rounds to really gum it up and make disassembly quite difficult . This occurs with all brands and types of 22 ammo I have used.

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