Exclusive: S&W 2.0 Compact 9mm

By Tank Hoover

2.0 is used to designate a superior design or more advanced version of an original concept, and in this case, S&W rightly named its newly released 2.0 Compact.

The 2.0 is still a polymer-framed, striker-fired 9mm, but built on an entirely new platform. The extended stainless steel chassis reduces torque and flex during firing. The trigger is finely tuned for a lighter, crisper pull with both tactile and audible reset features.

The 18 degree grip-angle provides a natural point of aim while the high-grip-to-barrel-bore-axis ratio reduces muzzle rise, allowing you to get back on target faster. The aggressive grip texture, combined with four palm-swell inserts, allows for a custom fit and trigger reach for your comfort and confidence.

The polymer frame has ambidextrous slide locks and magazine release.

The stainless steel slide is beveled for weight reduction and stylish good looks while also sporting both front and rear scallops for slide manipulation and press-check. All steel, 3-dot, high visible sights are included providing a wonderful sight picture.

The polymer frame has an enlarged trigger guard for gloved hands and a true Picatinny rail for any light/laser accessories.
Some Stats …

The S&W 2.0 Compact 9mm has a 15+1 capacity and comes with two steel magazines. It has a 4″, 1:10″ twist stainless steel barrel. Overall length is 7.3″ and weight is 24 oz., unloaded. All stainless steel parts are Armornite finished for tough and durable wear.

Shooting The 2.0

The 2.0 Compact feels good in your hand. Some complain of the rough texture, but I found it created a non-slip bond to my hand once grip was established. The 2.0 is accurate, and digested all ammo shot without a hitch.

I really like the trigger on this gun. It reminds me of a two-stage military trigger with its free travel followed by its crisp release. The 3-dot sights provide quick sight alignment and transitions to sight picture smoothly and naturally.

Whether used for personal, sporting or professional use, the S&W 2.0 Compact is a great choice.

The S&W 2.0 Compact has an MSRP of $569. For more details, go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/smith-wesson/

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