Exclusive: Tactical Solutions Ridge-Lite Victory Barrel

By Tank Hoover

Let’s face it — some of us just can’t keep our hands in our pockets while thinking about our guns. We’re obsessed with tinkering, tuning or tearing them apart to squeeze every last drop of accuracy out of them, and just maybe make them look cooler in the process. If this sounds familiar and you need some remedies, Tactical Solutions (TacSol) has everything you need.

With 16 years of experience behind them, TacSol is the leader for lightweight, precision firearms and barrels. You’ll have several options, choosing from a variety of innovative add-ons, as you spruce up your .22, while increasing performance. I’m impressed with all the options they have to offer. CAUTION: Look through their entire catalog before making a choice. They have several.

Ridge-Lite Victory Barrel

Smith & Wesson brought out their Victory Model .22 pistol a couple of years ago, and it is made to mess around with. The simple removal of a single Allen-head screw allows you to easily remove the barrel.

I had a converted model sent to me for testing. This modern looking marvel did not disappoint. The Ridge-Lite barrel upgrade is machined to lessen weight, while improving accuracy and reliability from the standard S&W factory barrel.

The TacSol 6″ barrel weighs 8 oz., consisting of 6061-T6 aluminum, a stainless steel shank and Chromoly steel liner. A one-piece aluminum cantilevered Picatinny-rail complements the fiber optic front and adjustable rear sight for easy mounting of accessory sights. The barrel ships standard with 1/2″ X 28 universal thread pitch (thread protector included) for a compensator or suppressor. My sample shipped with the Ridge-Lite Comp, a multi-directional compensator.


The Ridge-Lite Victory barrel combo shot without a hiccup, belch or burp. Extraction and ejection was positive and persuasive. The trigger was sweet! Way to go S&W!

Accuracy was everything one could hope for. I shot ELEY Contact .22’s, a round-nosed solid, and some Federal 510 round-nosed solids I had on hand. Shooting at a benched 25 yards, I shot 10 shot groups, or a magazine’s worth.

Eight of 10 rounds would easily stay under an inch, with a flier here or there. If betting on me, or the ammo, I’d go with me for the cause of fliers. This was a very fun gun to shoot, as are most .22’s, and it would be appropriate for bull’s-eye competition, head shooting squirrels or popping pop cans.

TacSol is based in Boise, Idaho, and manufactures all their products in the USA. Let Tactical Solutions be your solution, for easy remodeling and accurizing your gun.

The Ridge-Lite TacSol barrel has an MSRP of $355. The Ridge-Lite Comp MSRP is $42. For more details, go to:


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