Exclusive: Talkin’ Guns, Gear and Ammo

When my boys (age 16 and 17) and I shoot, we’re usually in a friend’s backyard, fully observing gun safety rules and range etiquette but without the oversight of a real range officer. The other day we visited a real range (Michigan Shooting Centers) and experienced the good and helpful features of range booths, the actions of other shooters, and Joe, the helpful and friendly range officer. With only an hour or so to shoot, we kept it simple: a Kimber Ultra Eclipse II LG, Atlanta Arms Target & Defense Ammo, Shoot N C targets, and Mec Gar Magazines.

mecgar1Shooting, of course, isn’t exactly a sport where you can maintain much of a conversation. But there always seems to plenty to talk about afterwards. Here’s what me and my boys had to say about the gun, gear, and ammo we all had the opportunity to fire.

About the Kimber Ultra Eclipse II LG:

Jack: “Big wallop of recoil but once I got used to it, it was no big deal.”

Harrison: “It was difficult to see the laser because of the sun, but it was easy to see and aim with the regular sights. Pretty accurate!”

Me: [Big smile]

mecgar2About the Atlanta Arms ammo:

Jack: “Looks like pretty mean ammo. I sure wouldn’t want to get hit with one!”

Harrison: “All the bullets end up in the target and all the empty cases end up around our station at the range. This is good.”

Me: “Let’s make sure we help sweep up all cases, okay guys?”

DSC_0961About the Shoot N C targets:

Jack: “The splatter effect is pretty cool.”

Harrison: “I like how you can hang the target on a pin or peel the entire thing off and it’s a giant sticker.”

Me: “I like bringing these targets home because it gives some measure of objective proof that we can actually hit what we are aiming at.”

About the Mec Gar magazines:

Jack: “They seem to work perfectly.”

DSC_1027_edited-1Harrison: “I’m not sure there’s any difference between these and the magazines that came with the gun.”

Me: “Exactly.”

— Mark Kakkuri