Exclusive: Talon Grips

By Tank Hoover

Grip Gripes?

Proper grip is the cornerstone to good shooting. It’s what connects the gun to your body, for crying out loud! Without proper grip, everything else is out of plumb.

With today’s polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols, a good grip can be a challenge for some. We all have different size hands and preferences. What feels good to one may be uncomfortable to another.

Wet hands from perspiration or rain, or even cold temperatures, can make gripping your gun properly a challenge. An inconsistent grip transfers to a different trigger-pull and recoil harmonics for each shot resulting in poor accuracy. Consistency is key to accuracy!

Talon To The Rescue

In 2009, Talon Grips came up with a simple, relatively easy solution for slick stock syndrome. Derik, a sheriff’s deputy, competitive shooter, armorer and innovative thinker, noticed deputies using strips of skateboard tape to improve the grip of the polymer-framed guns. The rough, non-slip traits of skateboard tape provided a better, more consistent grip, although crude.

Derik tweaked his wraparound patterns using “special order” thinner tape with an adhesive made for polymer, and Talon Grips was in business. He hand-cut each pattern with an X-Acto Knife in the early days.

Eventually, he bought a laser cutter for more precise cutting of patterns and teamed up with his college buddy, Mike Morris and Talon Grips was on a roll! In 2012, Talon Grips’ use of friction tape for patterns was patented.

Sadly, the same year, Derik passed away. Mike continues to run the business, at the wishes of Derik’s family.

Sometimes, Simple Is Best …

With most things in life, simple is usually best. Applying Talon Grips is as easy as peeling the backing off and rolling the tacky talon-like tape to the grip frame. So simple, even I can do it!

I love the rough, non-slip feel Talon Grips provide, making my hand feel as one with the gun, without adding thickness to the original frame dimension. The patterns are expertly cut, following the contours and controls of the gun without interfering with function, while providing a fistful of friction for a consistent non-slip grip.

Talon Grips give the deadly “clench” a bird of prey is known for with their “wrappable” form-fitting friction flesh. They fit to hands and guns like a second skin, giving users an edge for better accuracy.

Talon Grips for the GLOCK 19 Gen5 have a MSRP of $17.99. For further info, go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/talon-grips/

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5 thoughts on “Exclusive: Talon Grips

  1. Tequila Bill

    SHIELD .40 CCW-WALTHER PPS M2 9mm CCW. Great for purpose but too slick. Installed TALON grips, problem solved. That simple. Also have on my M4 BCM. Under $18 bucks each and it’s practice vrs. grip correction. So easy to install and no loose or fitting slippage. Not many aftermarket accessories make such a drastic improvement as TALON grips. Professional stippling jobs are a thing of the past. They’re that great!

  2. JC

    I have them on a well worn G21. They made a huge difference in grip-ability. They are thin, rubbery and avoid the need and cost of stippling. I believe there are options for texture.

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