Exclusive: Taurus Spectrum

“The First Taurus Gun Designed And Built In The USA”

By Tank Hoover

At the 2017 SHOT Show, Taurus announced the release of their first gun totally designed, engineered and built in the USA. An ergonomically designed .380 micro pocket-pistol, the Spectrum is a good-looking polymer framed, striker-fired pistol with a true double-action only trigger design.

At no time is the striker under pressure in a “set” or “cocked” mode. This special safety feature means disassembly is possible without having to pull the trigger and the only way for it to fire is with a deliberate trigger pull.

A simple 90 degree turn of the large flat-head take-down screw with a coin, or rim of a .380 auto case, will allow you to remove the slide.

The stainless steel slide has “melted” edges, meaning there are no sharp corners, angles or serrations to catch or snag on clothing. The slide is recessed at the rear and filled with a proprietary polymer insert for positive slide manipulation. The same material is used for the over-mold grip, providing “sticktion and friction” for a positive grip during wet or dry conditions. Grip angle coincides with a natural extended point of aim.

The wide trigger makes the 7-9 pound factory-set pull appear easier and more comfortable. The Spectrum ships with a 6+1 and 7+1 extended magazine and weighs 10 ounces. The magazine release is reversible. Sights are integrated, low profile with melted edges for ease and speed of drawing.

Frames come in black, gray or white while the slide comes in black or matte stainless. The mag release and slide lock will match the slide. The grip and slide inserts come in a full array of colors to keep your micro pocket rocket looking cool and sporty. The Spectrum has a MSRP of $305 and was built with ergonomics, innovation and style in mind.

For more info go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/taurus-international-firearms/

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8 thoughts on “Exclusive: Taurus Spectrum

  1. Jim L

    I’m not a 380 fan but like the ergonomics of the pistol. Not a color coordinated gun guy but I think anything that will promote gun ownership and sharing of the sport is a good thing. I also like it’s made in USA. Looking forward to a complete test.

    1. Paul D

      Good looking gun! If it works as good as the Taurus TCP, it should be a winner. In my opinion, the TCP is better than the LCP, at least the first gen.

    2. Terry

      Too bad you’re prejudiced about a gun manufacturer without having tried them. The country seems to have a few of you.

  2. James Horner

    I read all the reviews, I’ve seen all the pretty pictures but what I wanna know is when can I buy one.

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