Exclusive: Tenicor Velo AIWB Holster

Make Your Gun Disappear …”

By Tank Hoover

Velo is a Latin verb meaning to hide, conceal or cover … everything we want while carrying a pistol. With Tenicor’s Velo AIWB holster, it’s a snap — or click —away from making this possible. Your gun will disappear, while being conveniently and securely accessible with Tenicor’s Velo holster.

Tenicor Velo

Tenicor has a perfect solution for crotch carrying cops, civilians or other AIWB carriers who like the appendix/inside the waistband carry mode. It’s light, comfortable and doesn’t absorb trickling sweat.

Tenicor uses Kydex, the wonderful polymer that forms around a pistol like a second skin, for the Velo holster. Its best feature is it’s moisture resistant, meaning it won’t absorb moisture, and can simply be wiped off after carrying a pistola inside a pair of pants all day.

The Velo comes with three different ways to anchor to a belt: Tenicor T1metal clips and two types of synthetic belt loops; one with snaps and the other is closed loop. Users can choose the best option for their comfort and peace of mind. Anyone who can operate a screwdriver can modify the holster the way they like it.

Carry with confidence without letting everyone know you’re carrying, especially during warm weather when lighter clothes are worn. As an AIWB holster, drawing is smooth, quick and natural, with a short range of motion — just what you want in a concealed carry holster.

Precision Built

The Tenicor Velo is built using the most sophisticated equipment available. Proprietary CAD designs and CNC machined tooling ensure a trademark “Trucise” fit. The holster body has two retention screws to customize the preferred friction fit for the wearer.

The backside “muzzle wedge” and raised trigger bar rotate the gun’s grip up and into the body for a “printless” presentation.


Tenicor is so confident of their products they offer a lifetime guarantee. Not happy? They’ll solve it! No worries, no problem! The Tenicor Velo ships with three different attachment loops/clip and mounting instructions.

The Tenicor Velo has an MSRP of $95.

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