Exclusive: The Safe and Accessible Gun Box 2.0

Some handgun safes emphasize the safe — they’re strong and heavy and not at all quick to open. But emphasizing the accessible means decreasing the safe. Think through this with me: If you’re not wearing your handgun on your person in a holster, where does it go? Up on top of the fridge? In a drawer? Not highly recommended options as far as accessibility goes. And technically not all that safe, either. Gun Box 2.0, however, brings both safe and accessible very close together in a design you can leave out in plain sight. Check it out.


Gun Box 2.0 has an impressive list of features, including:

Biometric Unlock

RFID Unlock

Bluetooth Unlock

Hydraulic Opening

USB Charge Ports

Audible Motion Alarm

Pre-drilled Mounting Holes

Secures With Tether Cable (sold separately)

Interior LED Light

SafeTech App

Fingerprint Tuning “Sureset”

Colors Carbon Black (Matte), Gun Smoke (brown/gray), Gun Barrel Raw Silver (stainless steel look),Billet Grey, Artic White, Bond Black (Glossy)

Material: 4 mm die cast aluminum

Weight: 4.7 pounds (2.1 kg)

Interior Dimensions: 7.5”x8.75″x1.75″ (190mmX 222mmX45mm)

External Dimensions: 10”x11.6″x2.7″ (254mmX 295mmX68mm)

Rechargeable Battery Life: 1 year

Warranty: 1 year

Retail price: $319.00

Once Gun Box 2.0 arrived, I had it connected to my smart phone and programmed with my fingerprints and my wife’s fingerprints in minutes. We opted for the LaserMax-equipped Ruger 9E as the gun to live in it.


As with all safes, we practice opening them and testing them and opening them and testing them again. Gun Box 2.0 can be opened in many ways (biometric, RFID, bluetooth) and they all worked as described. No matter which method you choose, it’s less than a one second delay from reading a fingerprint or RFID card or getting a bluetooth signal before the lock releases and the hydraulic lifts power the lid up, offering access to the 9E.


When the lid is closed, it’s locked. And there’s no getting into the safe without the right fingerprint, RFID  card, or signal from the app. Move the safe and an audible motion alarm goes off.

These are all great features but I’m going to give them a more thorough test and really put Gun Box 2.0 through its paces. So watch for a long-term review to show up later. In the meantime, my wife and I are trying to figure out where to put it. It’s an attractive item, sort of techie looking, and I think it’ll sit discreetly on a side table in the family room. But she might want it on the kitchen counter. Either way, Gun Box 2.0 offers safe and accessible — at the same time.

— Mark Kakkuri

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5 thoughts on “Exclusive: The Safe and Accessible Gun Box 2.0


    I agree 100%! No key override, no thanks. I quite using my fingerprint id on my iPhone. Had to reset too many times. My Kindle works 99.9% of the time except when I have to reset it. I need my handgun right now. Dang! I have to reset it. It’s worked every time up until now, the time I need it. Give me mechanical backup or I just am not interested.


    Otherwise it is a cool looking box and unless the price is out of sight, I would definitely be interested.

    1. Pherfinion

      Attractive looking set up but I agree, without a last ditch backup key this attractive looking box is going to fail at the worst possible moment. RFID is ok, but the biometric just hasn’t proved itself to my satisfaction yet and $320 is high to pay…especially without a keyed way to get in to the thing. Nice concept though… add a keylock and lower the price by half and I’ll be interested.

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