Exclusive: The Taurus View Pre-Review

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As concealed carry continues to increase in popularity, smallish nines and 380’s are heading to front pockets where snub-nosed revolvers used to rule. Now, however, at least one revolver has joined the trimming down trend: The Taurus View is a .38 Special based on the company’s Model 85, which is about the same size as a J-frame. Tagged the “View,” this Taurus sports an clear panel on its right side that lets you see the gun’s fire control system. While it is interesting to see these things, my interest in this gun revolves around its mighty short barrel, unique stocks, and exceptionally light weight.

DSC_6388smSnubbies forever had two-inch barrels. Most still do. And even when they’re 1.875 inches we call them two inches. Now, however, Taurus defies our tendency round up by offering a 1.41 inch barrel on the View. If this short-barreled revolver grows in popularity, I’m guessing we’ll be rethinking how we refer to barrel lengths. My bold prediction: We’ll call them “one and a half inch” barrels. Anyways, besides the short barrel, the View stands at a mere 3.5” in height and 5.67” in length. In my average-sized hands, you can see how the View begins to disappear.

DSC_6378smOpposite the short barrel, the View sports very short stocks which are also quite thin. There’s not much to hold on to, and while this is great for concealment, I’m concerned about what happens when I actually fire it. In addition to the shortness of stocks, when you look at them from the rear you can see that they are molded to conform to a right-handed shooter’s leg or hip. That’s right, they look like they’re bent.

Finally, the View weighs only 9 ounces.

With the short barrel, short stocks, and light weight, it sure carries well in a front pocket. It’s so good I am already trying to justify what might turn out to be an awful shooting experience marked by pathetic accuracy and a painful shooting hand. No, I haven’t fired the View yet. But I sure like carrying it around in my front pocket. Stay tuned for my range report.

Any predictions on how it will shoot and feel on the range?

— Mark Kakkuri

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