Exclusive: The Tool for Foolproof Ammunition

The Tool for Foolproof Ammunition

By Tank Hoover

Reliable ammunition is a life saving necessity. Most people worry about ammunition firing, but never give the dimensional “specs” a second thought. It’s these vital dimensions that can frustratingly tie up a gun with a “jam” or failure to extract. Out of spec ammo can be lodged so tightly in a chamber as to render the gun useless, needing tools to rectify the situation. Not a good thing during a gunfight.

While factory ammo is very consistent, it can be damaged during transport. If only there was a way to evaluate ammo for proper specs, including proper run out, cartridge overall length and dimension…

Auskur Chambered Reference System has stepped up to the plate with a single device to exactly test ammunition for SAAMI and NATO specifications. Turned and milled from 7075 aluminum and 17-4 stainless steel, this tool allows a user to safely evaluate completely loaded cartridges without testing them in a firearm. All dimensional references are tested, including the extractor groove, with this single tool.

Whether handloaded or factory loaded, the Auskur Chambered Reference
System lets users know ammunition is in “spec” to .0001″

For handloaders, resized brass can be tested, before other components are wasted, for out of spec brass. Dimensions tested include brass minimum and maximum length, overall minimum and maximum length of loaded cartridges, body dimensions and integrity of extractor groove for run out and burrs.

The 9mm, .40 S&W and 45 ACP get regular use — with confidence from constant reliability. Rest assured, if ammo drops with a resounding “thunk” in the Auskur CRS, it will cycle through the gun!

The Auskur Chambered Reference System affords peace of mind when testing ammunition, whether factory loaded or handloaded.

The patent pending Auskur Chambered Reference System is made in the USA, and has a price of $29.99. Discounts are offered for multi-orders.

For more information go to: https://auskurfirearms.com/?v=7516fd43adaa

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive: The Tool for Foolproof Ammunition

    1. Kurtis

      The half ring on the outside is made from Heat treated Stainless steel and is called the groove smooth. It’s function is the following. To check the extractor groove for flaws like dents, chips and misshaping that could cause an extraction failure. The length of the groove smooth is there to check the cylindrical run out of the brass case that houses your bullet and powder and primer. We wanted to give people the ability to avoid jams both from feeding issues as well as extraction and the groove smooth is for the ladder.

      Hope that helps!!
      -Kurtis (Auskur Firearms)

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