Exclusive: Training Made Fun With Targetize

By Tank Hoover

As a lifelong shooter for 50 of my 54 years, I’ve learned shooting just a little bit everyday beats shooting a bunch every couple of weeks for keeping proficiency at a high level. Eyes are sharper and guns are steadier with daily practice. The mere act of “dry firing” is an invaluable tool when live fire practice isn’t practical.

The disciplines of sight alignment, sight picture and a clean trigger break must be reinforced at regular intervals for utmost accuracy, especially pertaining to handguns. Mastering a handgun is impossible. However, to get desired results, staying acquainted with a sidearm — whether in the field, streets or home — is essential. With the high cost of ammo today, mixed with the hectic schedules of most, runnin’ to the range to pop some primers everyday just isn’t practical. As mentioned, dry firing is better than doing nothing, but there’s gotta be a better way …

Targetize Steps Up …

Targetize has stepped up to the firing line and come out with an ingenious way to train, for both dry firing and live fire shooting a centerfire pistol, even CO2 BB guns can be used. Weighing in at only 19 grams, the Targetize System mounts to any accessary rail with a simple thumbscrew.

The Targetize System is a nine-axis motion sensor designed by engineers, biomechanics, along with professional shooting instructors and former Special Forces members. The unit provides real-time feedback of shooting results via a smartphone with their free app.

Targetize provides feedback regarding stance, grip and trigger pull motion. It scores for stability, precision and accuracy along with a target of “hits.” It also coincides with a real target downrange. Each shot can be analyzed after the user’s string by recalling the shot sequence. How cool is that?

CAUTION: Targetize is Addicting

Targetize will easily pay for itself in the cost of practice ammo alone, for the days you can’t make it to the range, but still want some trigger time. Warning: You may find yourself being late for work as you squeeze in a few rounds with Targetize and time gets away from you, it’s that fun!

I find Targetize a worthwhile training aid and highly recommend it. It has an MSRP of $149.99, or about 5 trips to the range in expended ammo costs.

For more info: https://targetize.com, (800) 480-1760

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