Exclusive Web Extra: Revolver Cleaning

Lazy-Guy Guide To: Revolver Cleaning

American Handgunner Magazine’s Roy Huntington show how quick and
easy it can be to clean a revolver and leave more time for shooting.

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13 thoughts on “Exclusive Web Extra: Revolver Cleaning

  1. Robert P. Pielli

    Hi, you should have mentioned Dunk-It. I’ve been using it for over 40 years. Also you might have mentioned the Cloth that is used to remove the fouling from the cylinder.
    But then again you only spent 10 minutes cleaning. I enjoy cleaning my guns after shoot very much.

    Bob Pielli

  2. Herb Daniel

    Good work, Roy. I love your how-to articles and videos. I learned a couple of new things from this one.
    I would like to meet you some day. Are you ever in the Atlanta area.
    Regards, Herb

  3. Lewis Wenger

    Great video! I am somewhat disappointed however, as I have been using my drill and a nylon brush on the cylinder of my model 15 for years. I thought that I was the first, but as usual the guys at Handgunner are ahead of the crowd!!! Once again, great presentation. Lewis

  4. Brandon Vuclan

    Great video Roy! I have dealt guns for decades but dont mind saying that this old dog has just been taught some valuable new tricks. Any mans garage that looks that organized cant be too lazy or he really has a gift for delegating. Looking forward to applying what I have learned here. Hope my wife doesn’t notice her tooth brush missing for five minutes. Two thumbs way up there buddy!

  5. Mick Wood

    Thanks, Roy. I’ve been using a drill for my shotgun for some years now, with a bit of medium steel wool on the brush if I’ve been sighting in my smoothbore slug barrel. I certainly agree with your concept of not overdoing it with cleaning revolvers; if I spit-shined my revos after each range session I wouldn”t have time to load ammo for the next trip! The Lewis Lead Remover gets used if I screw up my casting mix by making it too hard, but otherwise 10 minutes, as you say. Thanks again.

  6. Jim Heid

    Hi Roy, I couldn’t agree more with your ideology on gun care. I would rather spend time shooting than cleaning although I really appreciate a clean looking gun. So I’m always looking for the quickest way to get the best results.

    Thanks for this great video and please keep em coming.

    Kind Regards, Jim Heid

  7. Gary Cadle

    Very useful video. Not passing the brass brush all the way through the cylinder was new to me, so I learned something useful. Also, the discussion about using a brass brush with a drill was good information. Thank you for doing this. I look forward to future cleaning videos.


  8. Brian Dickinson

    Thanks so much for this Roy (I was one of the 2 or 3 that requested it). Did not know about not passing the brush all the way through the cylinder – good to know. I did not see you put solvent on the brush when you used the drill. I have been using the drill and with the solvent, it can make a bit of a mess. I think the way to go may be to do a hand brush first with solvent and then pass the rifle brush (likely can be a little larger caliber I expect) through dry.

    Well done and look forward to the next one – really interested in the shotgun episode!


  9. John Faulconbridge

    It is possible to clean a revolver from the breech. I insert the brush with the threads pointed “downrange” then reach in from the muzzle with the rod. Thread them together then pull the brush out. It won’t work with a push type jag, but you can also draw an eye type jag from the breech end.
    best of luck!
    Major, Armor
    US Army (ret)

  10. Greg Foote

    Roy nice video! I just got back from the shooting my new pitbull revolver. This is the first revolver and this is a really big help to me on cleaning it. Thanks alot for the doing the video and the tips on cleaning it help alot for me.

  11. Tom K.

    I can’t believe he put a dirty brush pad back in a clean jar of Hoppes #9…Not a good habit….

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