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My wife recently took a concealed pistol license class, part of the requirements for obtaining a CPL in Michigan. Because I’m a nosy reporter but also interested in seeing what a current class offers, I attended with her. We enjoyed the excellent instruction of Mr. Rick Ector who runs Rick’s Firearm Academy of Detroit. How did I select Mr. Ector’s class among the myriad instructors available to us? Simple: Mr. Ector is very knowledgeable about CPL’s and loads of fun and sort of a local Second Amendment celebrity around here. Plus, he’s been a resource to me for other writing assignments.

Spoiler alert: My wife passed the class with flying colors.


Mr. Ector teaches on sight alignment. His summary advice: “If you have to shoot, don’t miss.”

Couple things worth noting from the class…

Mr. Ector taught the standard NRA material required for the course, most of it from memory because he’s done it for so long. But he interspersed his own experiences as a teacher and long-time resident of the Detroit area. So we learned the formal class content but also the practical side of concealed carry. We enjoyed Mr. Ector’s emphasis on using correct terminology: Magazines, not clips. CPL, not CCW. Cartridges or rounds, not bullets. I appreciated him using a “blue gun” for all his demonstrations.


You bet stance and grip are important.

We also enjoyed other experts conducting various portions of the class. Another instructor covered material regarding stance and grip. A lawyer provided great insight on the nuances of Michigan law and concealed carry and self defense. Students asked questions, learned which eye was dominant, and offered up scenarios to the instructors which needed their guidance.


Another instructor helps students determine which eye is dominant…

The best part of the day was the time on the range, of course. Two other instructors helped Mr. Ector’s students load, shoot, and reload their guns. The goal was not so much to test accuracy but proficiency — ensuring students could handle their guns safely and effectively.


Yep, the targets are in close. Range time is for determining proficiency first, then accuracy…

My wife shot a Smith & Wesson 686 Plus with a 2.5” barrel. Loaded with .38 Specials, she breezed through these rounds like a pro, impressing the instructors and easily passing this portion of the class.


A variation in stance, demonstrated by another instructor…

Requirements for concealed pistol licenses vary from state to state and so do student experiences, I’m sure. If you’ve taken the class, let us know in the comments below. Be sure to mention what state you’re in and other pertinent information.

For more information about Rick’s Firearm Academy of Detroit, visit www.detroitccw.com.

— Mark Kakkuri

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