Exclusive: Initial Thoughts on the Kimber Micro Crimson Carry

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If you’ve only been paying partial attention to the latest handgun designs in the firearms industry, you’ve easily spotted the trend: small and lightweight, something geared for concealed carry. It’s great for you, the consumer, when most of the gun makers offer several choices for concealed carry. And yep, it means not only more choices but also more research and more tough decisions. These are good times.

So here’s another choice in the micro .380 category: Kimber’s Micro Crimson Carry. I’ve yet to carry it or shoot it so I offer these initial thoughts to help us both think through whether to buy it or pass by it.

DSC_1194_edited-1Aptly named, this gun is all Kimber, very small, aims via Crimson Trace laser grips (and regular sights), and belongs in a concealed carry lineup. Retailing for $911, the Micro looks and operates like a 1911, minus the grip safety. The thumb safety, while on the small side, clicks on and off positively but doesn’t lock the slide.

Running through all the actions of operating a gun, the Kimber overall exudes precision and refinement. Fit and finish easily rank as excellent. No surprises there. The keys, for me, will be how the thumb safety works in actual firing drills and how best to use the Crimson laser grips, making sure my right index finger doesn’t ride too high on the frame, blocking the laser’s red beam.


This gun came with a zippered carry case, one 6-round magazine and a kit to care for the laser. Once I had the Kimber out of its box, it took less than a minute to adjust the laser using the included adjustment tool. Easy.

You can’t see light weight in pictures but Kimber’s 13.4 ounces is quite light. Hardly anything to it. Other key stats: 5.6” in length, 4.0” in height, 2.75” barrel, 1.08” wide.

Those are my initial thoughts on the Kimber Micro Crimson Carry. What are yours?

Off to the range!

— Mark Kakkuri


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