Exclusive: Starline Brass Releases The .223 Remington

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By Tank Hoover

Yessiree! Starline Brass, the Baskin-Robbins of the brass world, and I have been getting along quite splendidly lately. It seems they have mind-reading capabilities for us handloaders. Just when we start scratchin’ our noggins wishin’ for a new flavor to appear while rubbin’ our favorite famished guns like a magic lantern, out it comes. How do they do that?

Now we have a source of buying bulk brass in another favorite caliber. I know who won’t be real happy about this latest release: the whistle pigs, rock-chucks, badgers, ground squirrels and other vermin, along with the likes of Wyle E. Coyote! They’ll all be hating life after this latest release.

Varminters, target shooters and plinkers alike will be grinning from ear-muff to ear-muff with this latest addition to the Starline lineup. So start studying what you want to stuff your new Starline brass with as you order lots of 500 or 1,000 pieces of this yellow gold.

Some Stats

I measured and weighed 10 pieces of my pretty little smokeless powder pots (that’s brass cartridge cases for the unimaginative) and can’t say I was surprised with the results. My lightest piece weighed 98.4 grains and the heaviest weighed 99.4 grains. The average weight for all 10 pieces came in at 99.02 grains. All weights were weighed with a Hornady GS-1500 Electronic scale.

Lengthwise, my shortest piece was 1.745″ and longest 1.750″ with an average of 1.748″ average — pretty darn consistent, if you ask me. All measurements were taken with my tried and true dial calipers from Midway.

Tank’s Recent Favorites

In the past year or so, Starline has released brass in some of my favorite calibers such as .357 Remington Maximum, .444 Marlin, .358 Winchester and of course, .450 Bushmaster. There are a slew of others, besides my mainstays like .45 Colt, .44 Mag. and Spc., .475 Linebaugh, .480 Ruger … You get the picture!

Starline is breathing some life back into our guns by supplying brass to us handloaders! Just pick up your phone and order some today Tell ’em Tank sent ya! That’ll confuse them!

Starline’s prices include shipping and you’ll be seeing your brass on your front porch in a few days! How easy is that?

For more info go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/starline/

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