Kimber KHX Pro (OR) .45 ACP

Optics Ready Commander Sized 1911

There’s nothing worse than having to send your beloved “Betsy” away! Separation anxiety, followed by night tremors, cause you to sweat bullets, as you nervously await her precious return…from the gunsmith. Just so you can mount your red dot sight, 6 weeks later... That’s right, we’re talking guns here, what else could cause such turmoil?

Today, red dot sights are gaining in popularity to the point of being standardized equipment. With this popularity, wouldn’t it make sense to build an “Optics Ready” pistol as it left the factory? That way, savvy shooters, young and old, could simply remove the milled-slot cover, mount the optic of their choice, and head to the range with their freshly installed sight system. In a perfect world, that’s how it would play out.

Hassle-Free Kimber KHX Pro (OR)

Kimber makes it easy for shooters like you and me, by acknowledging the popularity of red dot sights, deciding to do us all a favor by designing a Commander sized 1911, ready for mounting one of these lifesavers (sight-saver?). The slide is factory milled, ready for mounting optics plates from Vortex, Trijicon and Leupold red dot sights.

The slot cover, complete with integral rear-sight, is screwed in place, maintaining the same contours of the slide, until you’re ready for mounting an accessory sight. Let me tell you about it.

Kimber KHX Pro .45 ACP

The Kimber KHX Pro comes in either 9mm or .45ACP. The frame and slide are constructed of stainless steel and has a stylish KimPro gray finish. It has the KimPro width of 1.28”. The slide sports rear serrations in an overlapping, hexagonal honeycombed pattern, extending over slide top, providing positive purchase for slide manipulation.

The hammer is skeletonized, ensuring a lightening fast hammer strike. The frame is bobtailed, for comfort and ease of concealment. No grip-frame corner digging in your side. Ejection port is flared for positive ejection

The match-grade barrel is 4” in length, made of stainless steel and has a left turn rate of twist of 1:16. Sights are optic ready with a radius of 5.7”. Grips are Hogue Enhanced MagGrip G-10 with a friction-inducing pattern, along with a matching G10 mainspring housing.

The trigger is Premium Aluminum, skeletonized, with a factory setting between 4-5 pounds. Sights are 3-dot, white in color. The one-piece rear sight is part of the cover plate, when a red dot sight is not in use. The front sight is co-witness sized for a red dot sight.


The Kimber height is 5.25” and 7.7” in length. Width is 1.28” and weight is 38 ounces. The recoil spring is 22 pounds. The gun ships with 1- stainless steel 7- round magazine.

MSRP is $1,087. For more details, go to: