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New ‘Goodies’ From Big Red

By Mark Hampton

winchester 1

Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1. What does bonded mean you ask?
Well it’s basically welding lead to copper and the technology
behind it delivers an awesome personal protection round.

With today’s economy far from being robust, it’s not uncommon to see research and development endeavors take a back seat in the shooting industry. Then you have the flip side of the coin, when certain component producers can not keep pace with demands of primers, bullets, and powder for example, R&D remains, for the most part, on the sidelines. These companies have their hands full just meeting the demands of the buying public. Regardless of economic trends or society demands, Winchester Ammunition continues to take a proactive approach and provides shooters and hunters alike a variety of new offerings. Here’s a brief look at some of the innovative products incorporating modern technology from our friends at Winchester.

winchester 2

Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 shown here with cut-away version.

Self Defense

Personal protection is becoming increasingly popular these days as people take more responsibility, and Winchester added two new offerings in their Bonded PDX1 line with .380 Auto and .45 Colt. The .380 hosst a 95-grain offering and the .45 Colt will launch a 225-grain hollow point. Currently you can find this personal protection ammunition in 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, .45 Auto, and .38 Special +P.

The technology behind Winchester’s proprietary bonding process actually welds lead and jacket together to control expansion and providing superior retained weight. After shooting several of these bullets in to gelatin, you can clearly see six concentric petals of jacket mushrooming consistently from a variety of the calibers offered. The process with this particular hollow point design works even when shooting through a variety of barriers such as plywood and glass.

While attending a writer’s event sponsored by Winchester and Taurus, I saw the results with this ammo with my own eyes! When testing this line-up I also observed the nickel plated cases functioned through a variety of Taurus automatics, both when chambering and ejecting, all flawlessly. No jams or malfunctions whatsoever. This Bonded PDX1 is engineered to maximize terminal ballistics using the same technology the FBI uses in their primary service round.

winchester 3

Winchester Bonded PDX1 personal protection ammunition adds two
popular calibers in .380 Automatic and .45 Colt.

Shotshells For Defense

And speaking of innovative personal defense ammunition, how about two shotshell products designed specifically for stopping a threat? The PDX1 in .410 gauge is a perfect choice for use in the Taurus Judge and is highly effective at close range. It was impressive to see three plated defensive disc projectiles and twelve plated BBs perform on a block of gelatin at seven, ten, and 15 yards. Talk about a nightstand option! On paper, the three discs would land in a triangular fashion with 12 pellets distributed fairly evenly around center of mass. After seeing several rounds perform consistently on paper and gelatin it left me with a new meaning for the term, “room for error.” Obviously, the round works on those pesky varmints sneaking in your garden as well. One can only hope for a 3″ version, delivering even more projectiles. Watch for expanded developments to materialize creating new ground in personal protection.

winchster 4

Winchester expands their Supreme Elite Dual Bond offerings by adding .44
Magnum and .45-70 Gov’t, shown here, to their big-bore hunting lineup.

winchster 5

The massive 12-petal upset is consistent with the Dual Bond bullets,
suitable for whitetail and larger game such as bear.

Big Ones Too

Winchester’s 12 gauge version of the PDX1 launches three pellets of buffered 00 plated buckshot riding on top of a one ounce rifled slug. When shooting this round on paper you can clearly see the slug in the center of the pattern with a near perfect triangle formed from the buckshot. Pretty cool! This slug/buckshot combination is available in a ten-round box.

winchster 6

Winchester’s PDX1 .410 launches three defensive disc along with
12 plated BBs at 750 fps fired from a Taurus Judge.

winchster 7

PDX1 in 12 gauge delivers a one ounce slug with three 00 buck rounds.

More Options

The Illinois based company considers their Supreme Elite Dual Bond lineup as one of their most innovative products. Expanding on this innovation, Winchester is adding .44 Magnum and .45-70 to the big-bore hunting options. Dirty Harry’s .44 Magnum will feature a 240-grain bullet and the old favorite .45-70 will see a 375-grain chuck of lead. The outer jacket of this bullet is designed for maximum expansion, opening up into six segments. The inner jacket works with the bonded core and forms another six segments at a controlled rate. This technology produces 12 petals mushrooming with expansion results significantly larger than the original bullet diameter. Deer, hog, and bear hunters alike will appreciate the effective nature of this expansion quality in two favorite hunting calibers.

Whitetail hunters interested in a jacketed bullet design specifically intended for their favorite quarry will appreciate new offerings in Winchester’s Super-X Power Max Bonded line. This expanded lineup leaves deer hunters with affordable, effective ammunition that will increase the odds of filling that freezer full of venison. The protected hollow point design along with the company’s proprietary bonding technology enhances penetration and retained weight. When Missouri deer season rolls around, my single-shot handgun in .308 Winchester will surely have one of these rounds loaded.

winchester 8

Winchester expands their Super-X Power Max Bonded lineup for whitetail hunters.  The protected
hollow point design is now offered in .243 Win., .270 Win., .270 WSM, .30-06, .30-30 Win., .300 Win. Mag., .300 WSM, .308 Win., 7mm Rem Mag, and 7mm WSM.

Pesky Critters

Varmint hunters are not left out of the mix either. Winchester’s new fragmenting varmint load in .223 and .22-250 incorporating a lead-free, 35-grain bullet in the Ballistic Silvertip line will surely please prairie dog shooters. This fragmenting copper core technology will meet consumer demand in areas with lead-free regulations, including the growing number of varmint hunters in this country. This unique innovative lead-free load is a combined effort by Winchester and Nosler featuring a plastic tip and gilding metal jacket to promote long range performance. Prairie poodles beware!

winchster 9

Winchester Ammunition will pay tribute to Oliver Winchester’s 200th birthday by introducing a
commemorative line in .22 Long Rifle, .45 Colt, and .30-30 Win.  The Oliver F. Winchester limited
edition cartridges feature a nickel-plated casing bearing a special “OFW” head-stamp.

Happy Birthday

Winchester is recognizing the pioneer spirit of Oliver Winchester by paying tribute to the legend’s 200th birthday. The Oliver F. Winchester commemorative line will feature .22 Long Rifle, .45 Colt, and the quintessential .30-30 Winchester. These limited edition cartridges will feature a nickel-plated case bearing a special “OFW” head-stamp. The .22 is a 40-grain round nose, the .45 Colt comes in a 250-grain round nose and the .30-30 bears a 150-grain Power Point. This is a great way to honor Oliver Winchester, a man who created a significant impact on the company and the shooting industry as well.

Regardless whether you are shooting clay targets, elk, or protecting your family, Winchester continues to offer the consumer modern technology that enhances our shooting demands. I can’t wait to see what they will come up with next.

winchster 10

New products engineer Kyle Masinelli, pictured here, isn’t working on his golf game much
these days. Obviously Kyle and other engineers at Winchester are too busy working on
innovative products for shooters like you and me.

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