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HD Series Super Carry Line.

Kimber America’s new line of Super Carry HD guns is exactly what the name implies. These are 1911s especially designed as daily carry guns. That’s the carry part of the name. As for the super part — well, these are from Kimber’s custom shop and tuned for absolute reliability. And, in this case, the HD designates heavy duty. The icing on that cake is the aesthetics. Any one of the Super Carry line can easily be plopped directly into the category of “Barbeque Gun.”

My wife is not as big a gun person as am I. She’s very pragmatic and views them as tools to accomplish a given task. When I had the guns out on the table before heading for the range, even she commented, “Those are really pretty.” I said, “They’re not pretty, they’re handsome, rugged and very pleasing to the eye.” I got back, “Whatever — they’re pretty too.”


Galco’s excellent leather complimented the Kimber HD Super Carry Line perfectly.


This line of guns is very well thought out and highly reliable. The last thing you need in a carry gun is to be forced into performing malfunction drills — guaranteed to hike your blood pressure by 100 points. You won’t need to carry around a portable defibrillator or have any worries about that problem. I put over 500 rounds from various manufacturers through each of the Super Carry HD guns and there were absolutely no hiccups whatsoever. I even included multiple bullet weights from the not-so-well known and even Eastern European manufacturers — no problems. Lastly, I fed the guns ammo that will make practically any 1911 run for the commode and puke all over themselves — a variety of frangible ammo — again, not a single issue.

But remember, I also cleaned them, lubed them properly, used the factory supplied magazines, and fired them with a firm firing platform. If you buy a new gun, fail to lube it, use crud for ammo and shoot it like a sissy — expect problems, and don’t whine to us about how yours didn’t work right.


The Custom HD offers 5″ shootability, rounded butt and forward “fish scale”
serrations, among a long list of custom features. Dave found the AYSM ammo
to be impeccably constructed, reliable and extremely accurate. Note Galco’s
stunning alligator rig.

Comfortable Carry

Each of the Super Carry HD series has received a carry melt treatment. All the edges have been rounded and blended so they won’t snag on anything or shred your holster. The Super Carry Pro HD and the Super Carry Custom HD have a rounded frame heel. The melt and frame heel treatment also makes the guns much more comfortable to carry. You won’t have anything sharp or pointy digging into your hide, and that can be especially, um … disturbing, when you carry all day.


Night sights with tritium inserts and manufactured by Meprolight are on each of the guns. The rear sights are designed with a cocking shoulder to facilitate 1-handed cocking if you ever need to do that. It’s something you need to practice when going in harms way and it’s also something neglected by most shooters. The built-in shoulder makes it much easier to accomplish using your belt, shoes, boots, a handy table or a door jam.


Built for daily carry, (L-R) the smaller Ultra HD, Custom HD and
Pro HD carry Kimber Custom Shop features and almost fanatical
attention to detail.


Super Carry fish scale serrations are included on each of the HD guns. A lot of folks (aka wife) would think this is a treatment to make the guns look “pretty” or my impression — ruggedly handsome. Not so — it’s a form following function situation. This style serration is highly improved over vertical serrations. The scale effect is directional, giving the shooter positive contact. It won’t slip if the gun is wet from rain, snow and hopefully not blood — but stuff happens and it’s much better to be prepared when it does. And muzzle flip is greatly reduced due to the shooter’s hand keeping positive contact with the gun.

The Super Carry Ultra HD and Super Carry Pro HD have these serrations on the rear of the slide, frontstrap and backstrap of the grip. The Super Carry Custom HD also has the serrations on the front of the slide for an easier press check.

The last eminently practical item on the series is the grips. They’re constructed of G10 glass epoxy laminate material. These grips are not only aesthetically pleasing, they’re yet another puzzle piece to keep the gun in your hand. Along with the fish scale serrations, the G10 grips provide you with positive control of the gun in any weather condition; hot, cold, rain, snow, sweat or blood, you’ll be able to hang on. Crimson Trace Lasergrips makes matching G10 grips for each of the HD series guns, including the rounded backstrap version, if you’re so inclined.

trio 4

Fit and finish were what we’ve come to expect from Kimber.
Note the carry melt around the muzzle area.

trio 5

The cocking shoulder on the rear of the Meprolite rear
sight is both practical and offers a bolt sight picture.
Note the “fish scale” treatment that delivers a solid
gripping surface, while also being attractive.


Galco and Kimber have had a long and very productive business relationship, and Galco can easily provide for any of your holster needs for this trio. One terrible mistake I see many people make is skimping on their holster. You need a good one. The 1-size-fits-all types just don’t do a fine firearm justice. Not only that, they don’t do you justice either. A good belt and a well-constructed holster will protect the gun for many years, they’ll aid in concealability as well as provide you with a more positive and smooth draw stroke.

It’s a whole system — gun, holster, high-quality ammunition and a whole lot of practice. Galco provided their holsters in cowhide, horsehide and even alligator, from their custom shop, to showcase their products and how well they match up with Kimber’s Super Carry HD series weapons. Their excellent leather is a fitting tribute to this trio of fine carry autos.
By Dave Douglas

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