Flying Circle Tactical Pistol Rug, Large

By Mark Kakkuri

Zippered pistol rug — holds and protects a large handgun.” End of story for most pistol rugs, right? Or, think of where you bought your last pistol rug: out of a gigantic box at a gun show where every size, shape and color was the magic price of $5. Let’s face it, pistol rugs have the excitement and charisma of, well — a pistol rug. Flying Circle’s Tactical Pistol Rug, however, manages to take the lowly case to the next level.

This large-sized case sports a water-resistant polyester fabric that’ll take years of abuse, probably more than you’ll ever dish out. The case features an additional front storage pocket for extra ammunition, magazines, gun cleaning accessories or whatever. If you’re fumbling for the case in the dark, Flying Circle made it possible for you to identify which zip pocket you’re opening with tactile zipper pulls. The pistol case also offers a bit of security with a D-ring at the end of the zipper pull so you can zip-tie lock it. The case itself has very thick padding throughout and can accommodate pistols and revolvers almost 13″ long. Or you could stash two small guns inside.

Finally, the Flying Circle Pistol Rug has MOLLE straps on the back you can use, even to attach it to a regular belt, if the mood strikes. The large case measures 141/2″ x 13/4″ x 73/4″ and also comes in MultiCam, foliage and brown. Here’s the fun part: The large Flying Circle Tactical Pistol Rug retails for $11.50. And you can monogram it, too (up to four or up to 35 characters for an additional $4.50 or $8, respectively). “Zippered pistol rug holds and protects a large handgun. And so much more, now!” For more info:, (800) 344-7242, ext. 141.

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