Comp-Tac EV2 Max Holster


The eV2 Max adds to the eV2 model, namely two layers of tough leather. The result is a rigid backing, but the layers are also configured so the smooth sides are adjacent to both your gun and your body, making a big difference in carry comfort.

The holster shell itself is a three-sided affair, with the leather backing providing the fourth side. The shell and backing are attached by four screws, each with rubber bushings between the shell and the leather backside. By tinkering with the tension of all of these screws, you can create just the right level of retention.

The holster uses a single clip, which is plenty adequate for its intended appendix carry use. The clip has three screw holes roughly a half-inch apart, so you can easily set the ride height as only two screws are used. The center hole has horizontal play to adjust the cant angle. A wing keeps your pistol tucked in tight to the body.

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