Comp-Tac “Warrior With Light” — The Light Brigade Has It Made!


Comp-Tac Holster

Tactics aside, a pistol-mounted light is one of the most functional accessories you can add to your shooter. What’s better than having a light source to aid target identification and acquisition with a simple push of the button in the same hand as your gun?

Dark places are the breeding grounds and hidey-holes for society’s dangerous miscreants. These shadow dwelling degenerates feel safe under the cover of darkness. The odds of playing hide-and-seek with a pistol-mounted light just tipped in your favor … Comp-Tac’s new Warrior With Light holster series is there to securely carry your light-accessorized pistol.

Comp Tac Holster

Worry Free Carry

Comp-Tac’s Warrior With Light is custom made of 100 percent T1 Kydex so you can securely carry a pistol with a mounted light in an adjustable retention holster with the simple turn of a screw to make it as tight, or loose, as desired. The holster can be worn concealed, or general open carry, comfortably at the range, street or home.

The holster attaches to a belt with two High Speed Gear holster clips. Made of polymer, these clips are adjustable for belts 1.5″ to 1.75″ wide, and securely attach the Kydex holster body to your person.

Comp Tac Holster

Fabulous Features

The smooth finish of Kydex promotes easier and faster draws with its slick surface, and the stiffness aids in holstering.

The retention adjustment screw provides perfect tension of your choosing, giving you the confidence to safely carry and draw with consistent resistance for each user.

The HSGI holster clips have removable spacers for custom belt adjustment. The mounting clips are also adjustable for ride height of holster body for a natural draw grip.

The holster body is cut to readily accept RMR, or other red dot type optics. The open-ended toe design allows for threaded barrel use.

Comp Tac Holster

Size Matters

Comp-Tac’s Warrior With Light is 6 x 8 x 2.5″ and weighs a scant 0.41 lbs.

Check Comp-Tac’s chart to order your GLOCK, S&W M&P or full-sized SIG P320 holster. MSRP is $85.

For more info:, Ph: (866) 441-9157