Holsters And Women

I’ll be blunt: Women have a very difficult time with concealment holsters. They tend to be shorter-waisted than men, making their drawstroke more difficult. They also tend to have greater hip flare, resulting in the grip of the gun being angled into their rib cage, which causes discomfort and difficulty in drawing.

Many manufacturers turn a man’s holster into a “woman’s holster” by either adding a wedge between the body and gun to compensate for the hip flare, or by lowering the ride of the holster considerably. Both “solutions” compromise concealability. Obviously, the slimmer and longer-waisted a woman is, the more likely she’ll be able to use a man’s holster — but almost all women find them unsatisfactory to some degree. Some custom makers, however, do make holsters properly designed for a woman’s anatomy.

For many women, off-body carry — with all of its inherent disadvantages — may be the best option. If a woman’s attire will allow for it, a crossdraw holster on the belt is the best option.