dillon super swage 600


We’re in the midst of yet another ammo crisis, meaning you can’t find any. The time is now to begin planning on controlling your ammo supply destiny by taking up reloading. If you shoot an AR pistol or even .40 or .45 handgun and run into spent brass with crimped primer pockets, this Dillon tool is a lifesaver. Just mount the Super Swage 600 to a bench and you can press the primer pocket crimps right out. New primers will ease into place effortlessly, and the swaging solution is a lot easier than cutting approaches. A spindle supports the case from the inside, so you won’t crush anything, and the large operating handle provides plenty of leverage. The unit comes with .223 and .308 swaging rods, but you can order .40 and .45 as well. DillonPrecision.com

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