Exclusive: HiViZ H3 Tritium/Fiber Optic Sights: “Seeing Is Believing”


Front sights provide direction, while rear sights allow us to fine-tune our aim. In combat or other shooting scenarios, the mantra is, “Front sight, press!” We’re not looking for bull’s-eye accuracy, but placing our rounds in the vitals of our threat to effectively neutralize it.

Low/No-Light Conditions?

So what happens when you’re in a low/no-light scenario and your front sight isn’t visible? HiViz solved this problem a few years ago with their Litepipe sights that maximize any ambient light to make sights “magically” glow.

This year, HiViz combined the simplicity of Litepipe technology with radioactive tritium, creating the perfect combination to aid low/no-light situations for 24-hour coverage. Dark alleys and warehouses are no problem for the HiViz H3 series of sights.

Steel Cage Match Solution

The all-steel sights have light gathering cutouts, maximizing ambient light for the Litepipes. The brightest tritium is used and inserted into the sights, producing a glow in total blackout conditions. The sights have a 12-year warranty, are fully encapsulated, chemical-resistant and available in bright white or orange.


My S&W Shield 2.0 with factory sights was in need of some night sights. This gun uses dovetails for both front and rear sights. S&W did an excellent job installing them, almost too good, as those stubborn buggers were tough to remove! But remove them I did.

HiViz has excellent videos on their website with great detail and tips on making installation easier. DIY, or drop it off at your local gun plumber. Maybe even bribe a buddy who has some semblance of mechanical dexterity with a beer. Either way, drifting the old dovetailed sights out and the new ones in is all it takes.

Finer Points

The one thing I really like about these sights, besides the excellent sight picture and fast target acquisition they provide, is the steel frame the Litepipes are mounted in. HiViz provides a flat the whole thickness of the front sight up top. This allows for consistent sight picture while sighting-in loads or shooting a group.

The HiViz H3 sights are ruggedly made and top quality. They really ramped up my S&W 2.0; now it’s a great carry gun no matter the light conditions.
MSRP for matched sets, front and rear, is $135.

For more info: www.hivizights.com